Capcom has published an official video character guide for Birdie, giving the players the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade for the British headbutt happy glutton.

The developers uploaded the footage on YouTube, offering some tips and outlining the details of the Street Fighter V character.

It starts out with the Basics, consisting of the Normals, Throws, Uniques, Specials, Critical Arts and V-Actions. It then proceeds to the Advanced section, showcasing the possible Combos that players can perform to deal tons of damage to the enemy.

The clip then goes on to the third portion Tips. It solely emphasizes on Birdie's most effective Playstyle, detailing his long- and midrange pokes. The narrator Harrison Young also notes how players should be on their toes in dealing out some of his moves, as they each have a long recovery that will leave Birdie open to whiff punishes.

Last but not least, the Overview segment will explain the Range Zones and the Pros and Cons in using Birdie. Young points out that Birdie is excellent in close-range fighting because of his command grab, decent in midrange because of his stand medium kick and heavy punch and good anti-air because of his medium punch. In terms of his fireball game, Birdie can stand his ground against projectiles, but it's not his strongest department.

To boil things down, his pros are that he has a strong V-Skill, the ability to dish out massive damage and a respectable skillset for anti-air plus he's good at most ranges. On the other side of the fence, his cons are that he has a slow recovery on Normals, no invincible reversal and unsafe special attacks. Hit up the video below to up your chances of dominating the heated competitive scene with Birdie.


Street Fighter V is definitely one of the hottest games that saw the light of day if it weren't for a couple of deal-breaking issues, especially the issue with rage quitters. The producer Yoshinori Ono sent out his apologies via Twitter.

At any rate, it's good news to hear that Capcom has started to penalize players when they leave early, docking their League Points if they commit the unsportsman-like behavior.

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