Facebook has updated the popular messaging app with the latest design scheme. Messenger's elements and icons haven't changed much, but now they're flatter and more contemporary.

The update to Messenger's design rolled out to Android users the world over on Monday. Users of Messenger on Android have been awaiting the delivery of the material makeover, noted David Marcus, head of Facebook Messenger.

"Any major redesign of an essential app used by hundreds of millions of people around the world is painstakingly hard, and that's why we took every precaution to ensure you'd truly enjoy this evolution," Marcus stated in a Facebook post.

Material design is a visual language for Android and it was deployed by Google back in 2014. The design scheme puts a heavier focus on sharp, defined edges and a flat art style.

The full makeover of Messenger confirms reports from January that stated that the changes would arrive at some point this year. Those reports have been influenced by the incremental delivery of Material design elements, including the introduction of the app's flat blue header and floating buttons.

The rework of Messenger's appearance isn't the only update planned for the app, if reports hold true. Messenger is expected to receive ads at some point during the next few months.

Late last month, a leaked document, meant for Facebook's biggest advertising partners, indicated that the company has been preparing to roll out ads in Messenger during the second quarter of this year.

Someone gave TechCrunch a copy of that document and the company has been holding the memo close to its chest to protect its source. The report was backed up by the launch of a new Facebook URL: fb.com/msg/

The document allegedly states that businesses will gain the ability to send marketing materials to any consumer that reaches out to them via Messenger.

After a consumer has initiated the contact, the business or brand can send things like promos and discount codes to that individual. So little is known about the update, including whether or not it is true. Another thing that is unclear right now is how Facebook (if it intends to do so) will let consumers opt out of ads after reaching out to a brand via Messenger.

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