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Play Store Now Rolling Out Material Design Revamp: Check It Out

Play Store now has a fresh new look. At long last, Material Design has finally arrived on the service, dropping tired old design changes for a cleaner, less cluttered look and feel.

Google June 1, 2019

Google Play Store To Receive Material Design Revamp: Check It Out

Play Store receives a fresh new look as part of a Material Design overhaul. No word yet on when Google plans to roll it out to users, though.

Google April 13, 2019

Google Rolls Out The New Gmail Redesign For Android

The Gmail for Android is getting a major makeover. Google starts rolling out the overly white redesign for the Gmail app on Android, following the company’s move to create a uniform look across all G Suite products.

Google February 21, 2019

Gmail For Android, iOS Gets Material Theme Redesign - Still No Dark Mode, Though

Google is giving the mobile version of Gmail a Material Theme redesign. Android and iOS users can expect the update to arrive in the coming weeks.

Google January 29, 2019

Google Drive Gets Fresh New Material Design Look To Match Gmail

Google has updated Drive with a bunch of Material Design tweaks, bringing its look closer to Gmail’s latest redesign. The new interface goes live for all users in the coming weeks.

Google May 10, 2018

YouTube's New Material Design Look And Dark Mode Now Open To Everyone

YouTube is letting everyone try the site’s new material design refresh, which includes a dark mode. But you might want to hurry up if you wish to try it.

Internet May 2, 2017

Google Pixel Sound And Vision Explained: How The Phone By Google Delivers A 'Confidently Minimal Experience'

In the Pixel smartphones, Google aims to deliver simplicity and quality that also reflect Google's values. The implementation of user experience has been complemented by elements that establish the Pixel identity.

Google November 21, 2016

Twitter For Android Gets Material Design Makeover: What's New?

Twitter for Android is now getting a neat new update, adding Material Design improvements to enhance the experience. The new app looks and feels better, so here's what's new.

Apps/Software June 8, 2016

Is YouTube Getting A Major Material Design Facelift?

Google appears to be testing a new material design interface for YouTube's website. The look is cleaner, less cluttered and makes finding content a lot easier.

Internet May 4, 2016

Facebook Gives Messenger On Android A Material Design Overhaul

Facebook finally gave Messenger a Material design make over. But that's not the only major update the social network's messaging platform will see this year.

Apps/Software March 8, 2016

Android Password Manager 1Password Finally Gets Fingerprint Unlock And More

Password manager 1Password for Android got a major update that brings several neat improvements, including a Material Design overhaul. Fingerprint unlock, however, is likely the greatest highlight of the update.

Apps/Software February 10, 2016

Google Chrome May Soon Sport Material Design

Google seems to be making great progress in incorporating Material Design into the Chrome browser. Some of the changes are actually already on the browser, but hidden using special flags due to their unfinished state.

Apps/Software February 1, 2016

Facebook Messenger For Android Is Getting A Material Design Treat For Some

The Facebook Messenger app on Android is apparently set for a cool Material Design makeover, at least for some users. The updated version is more visually appealing and boasts a nice UX revamp, so here's the deal.

Apps/Software January 21, 2016

LinkedIn For Android Finally Gets A Material Design Makeover

LinkedIn for Android has seen its first major update in months. This happened after the social network for business made a huge push to make sure their app ups its fresh look through a Material Desigh makeover.

Apps/Software November 13, 2015

Google Fit Website Gets A Snazzy New Material Design Makeover

The new Google Fit website looks like a fitness planner. The sporty illustration gave a little intensity to the website, while the colors and icons stirred a little excitement.

Internet September 22, 2015

Searching For Apps On Your Android Mobile Device? Google Search Results Will Surprise You

Google has updated the search results on Android devices to show a colorful, grid-like display of apps that the user can either open or install on their device. The change is heavily inspired by Google's material design, and while it looks good, it takes up a lot more screen space than before.

Apps/Software August 31, 2015

Google Rolls Out Spiffy New Interface For App Searches Done On Mobile

Google updated its mobile app search results with a bit of material design flair. Here’s how it looks right now.

Apps/Software August 29, 2015

Hangouts 4.0 For Android Officially Rolls Out With A Material Design Makeover And More

Hangouts 4.0 is finally available to Android users. The updated version, which is now rolling out through Google Play, comes with a refreshed design and an enhanced way of sending messages.

Apps/Software August 11, 2015

Google Makes It Simple To Implement Material Design With Free Website Builder

Google has unveiled a tool for developers to quickly and easily create Material Design websites. While the tool is nice for developers, it is also important to recognize that it is of great benefit to Google to have sites across the Web using Material Design.

Internet July 7, 2015

Google Rolls Out Refreshed Hangouts For iOS: What Are The New Features?

Google has rolled out its latest version of Hangouts for iOS, adding some notable new features. Amid a slew of improvements, Hangouts version 4.0 also gets Material Design guidelines.

Apps/Software July 1, 2015

Here's What You Get With BBM's $1 Privacy Subscription

BlackBerry announces that it has just updated the BBM messaging app with a new Private Chat feature. The update is now available to users of Android, BlackBerry 10 and iOS.

Apps/Software June 29, 2015

Dropbox For Android Version 3.0 Runs Faster And Sports Material Design

The Dropbox app version 3.0 for the Android platform is packed with new material design and added features.

Apps/Software June 25, 2015

Android M At Google I/O 2015: What We Know So Far

Google is expected to reveal Android M at its upcoming Google I/O developers conference, but some information about the next Android iteration may have slipped out ahead of time.

Apps/Software May 28, 2015

Verizon Rolls Out Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update: Samsung TouchWiz, VoLTE Support, And More

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users who acquired their devices through Verizon are getting the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop update. The upgrade includes TouchWiz, VoLTE support and some enhancements on the Advanced Voice Calling feature.

Apps/Software April 6, 2015

Chrome OS Beta Getting Chrome Launcher 2.0 With Power Of Google Now. Sweet!

The launcher of Chrome OS gets its first major overhaul. Other Chrome OS changes are queuing up in the beta channel and preparing to hit Chromebooks soon.

Apps/Software March 30, 2015

U.S. Cellular Moto X (2nd Generation) Receives Android 5.0 Lollipop Update

The Android 5.0 Lollipop update, which will be for the 2014 model of the Moto X and not for its 2013 version, is currently being rolled out to U.S. Cellular subscribers.

Apps/Software February 11, 2015

5 Videos Highlighting New Features in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop is rolling out, boasting a number of great new features and improvements. But what do those features look like? Here are videos that illustrate five of the best new features in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 4, 2014

Samsung Smartphones Running Android Lollipop Having Issues with Apps Using Material Design

Samsung devices may have problems in running apps under the Material Design UI. The issue may have something to do with devices that run older versions of the Android support library in the class path or framework.

Apps/Software November 25, 2014

Moto G Gen 2 Receives Android 5.0 Lollipop Update

Moto G Gen 2 is the first phone to receive the Android 5.0 update. The update is said to be in the form of a 386MB download.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 13, 2014

Google Maps app gets cooler and more useful with Material Design and OpenTable and Uber integration

Google rolls out a revamped Google Maps in time for Android Lollipop. Now, users get nicer Maps with Material Design and deeper integration with OpenTable and Uber.

Apps/Software November 8, 2014

HTC One M8 Android Lollipop update will come with Sense 6: Report

HTC One M8 is rolling its Android 5.0 update with Sense 6.2. Likewise, the company hasn’t started porting the Sense 7 software to the M8 model just yet.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 4, 2014

Review: 5 ways Google Inbox will help you avoid email hell

Google has unveiled a new Gmail client called Inbox by Gmail, which aims to reinvent the way that emails are managed. Read on to find out why you should give Inbox a shot.

Apps/Software October 27, 2014

Android 5.0 Lollipop release date is Nov. 3: Here's why you should update

Android 5.0 Lollipop is set to finally be released on Nov. 3. The new software boasts a number of great features and changes, in design and functionality.

Apps/Software October 27, 2014

Comparing sweets: Android Lollipop vs. Android KitKat

Android Lollipop is here! And it's leaps and bounds ahead of KitKat.

Geek October 25, 2014

New Gmail app for Android will have Outlook, Yahoo support

The Gmail app gets a new design overhaul with tons of interesting features. The most notable among them is the addition of Yahoo and support in the app.

Apps/Software October 21, 2014

Google Play Music gets personal and even a bit moody

Google Play seeks to stream mood music, now that it has begun its integration with Songza. The app's face also gets a makeover, thanks to Android's Material Design language.

Apps/Software October 21, 2014

Want to see Android Lollipop Easter egg? Here's how

Google rolls out the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop which comes with a new Easter egg. Initially hidden inside the OS , users will find a Flappy Bird in Android version.

Apps/Software October 18, 2014

Google gives Android fans taste of Lollipop: Top features the new OS offers

Google announces Android Lollipop. Here are eight reasons to get excited about the new mobile platform.

Apps/Software October 18, 2014

Google debuts new Nexus devices, latest Android mobile OS and a surprise for gamers

Google unveils the 6-inch Nexus 6, the 8.9-inch Nexus 9 and Nexus Player, the Apple TV rival. The new hardware items will ship in November, bringing with them an unmodified version of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 15, 2014

Android L is Android Lollipop? Not. Android Licorice? Yes, reports say

Google's highly anticipated Android L mobile operating system is rumored to be released as 'Licorice.' This negates earlier reports that the 'L' stands for 'Lollipop' or 'Lion.'

Apps/Software October 14, 2014

Google rolls out Play Store app update, features Material Design revamp

The Play Store launches a Material Design update that focuses on new user experience and design language. Users can enjoy an absolute visual overhaul and a slew of new layouts.

Apps/Software October 10, 2014

3 Android L features Google fans likely don't even know about

Android L is set to be one of the biggest releases of Android to date, with its Material Design guidelines and new notifications features helping contribute to that. Despite that, there are a number of other great features that aren't getting talked about.

Apps/Software September 25, 2014

You can now download Google Play Store 4.9.13 with Material Design

Google Play’s new Material Design philosophy has just rolled out. The revamp features a visually rich layout with focus on cover art and highly readable icons.

Apps/Software July 25, 2014

Google Play Store may get Material Design treatment, leaked screenshots hint

Leaked screenshots show that the Google Play Store may be getting a Material Design aesthetic update. When the update will be rolled out, however, is yet to be determined.

Apps/Software July 16, 2014

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