SeaWorld killer whale Tilikum is very sick, the company announced Tuesday.

The reason for his deteriorating health is said to be bacterial infection in the lungs. The whale has become more and more lethargic over the last few weeks and has not responded to treatments so far.

Tilikum's Care

SeaWorld does not know what will become of Tilikum because the outcome of the current situation remains very uncertain. However, the company assures that it is doing its best to keep the whale as comfortable as possible.

SeaWorld spokesperson Aimee Jeansonne Becka says Tilikum's health is degrading, but the company is trying to be more transparent about his condition so that the public is informed of SeaWorld's actions and the amount of care that its staff is rendering to the whale.

"It has been our duty and passion to make sure we give him the utmost care we possibly can," says SeaWorld's Animal Training Supervisor Daniel Richardville.

Right now, Tilikum is receiving medications for bacterial infection, but it appears that that the bacteria that has hit the whale is highly resistant to treatment. Experts have not determined a cure for the whale's current condition.

The veterinarians at the marine animal park prioritize how they can make Tilikum comfortable and experience an enriching life.

Tilikum is believed to be around 35 years old, which is already close to the average life expectancy of male whales. Like other old animals embattled with deteriorating health, the whale's condition may persist to change. The company assures that it will keep Tilikum's fans and friends informed of the latest developments via the company's website.

Tilikum's Dark Life

Tilikum came from Sealand in Canada 23 years ago, but it was collected from the ocean in 1983 at the age of two years old.

In 2010, Tilikum killed its trainer Dawn Brancheau in front of SeaWorld guests in Orlando. The animal was also involved in another worker's death in a different sea park in 1991 and in a death of a guest who trespassed the tank and climbed on the whale's back in 1999.

Such events have sparked up whale captivity bans, which SeaWorld strongly opposed.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk says that if Tilikum never sees the ocean again, its blood will be on SeaWorld's hands and walls of its prison tank.

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