Sony Announces PSN Launch Party: Here's The List Of New Games And Preorder Prices


Through a post on the official PlayStation blog, Sony has unveiled a new event for the PlayStation Store named Launch Party.

Launch Party, according to Sony, celebrates digital games that will be released in the spring and are selected in collaboration with both first and third party studio teams.

In conjunction with the announcement, Sony says it will be retiring its annual Spring Fever campaign, though the retirement would be only in name. PlayStation Network subscribers will still be able to access deals on video game titles and movies, but Launch Party will allow for new games to be highlighted similar to the replaced Spring Fever.

Sony adds that for gamers who will preorder games included in Launch Party, they will be able to receive a 10% discount to the titles' price in addition to being able to preload the games so they can be played right away after they are released.

The games that will be featured in Launch Party 2016 are as follows:

DateTitlePlatformPublisherOriginal PricePre-order Price
March 15Salt and SanctuaryPlayStation 4Ska Studios$17.99$16.19
March 22Day of the Tentacle RemasteredPlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita (cross-buy)Double Fine Productions$14.99$13.49
April 5Enter the GungeonPlayStation 4Devolver Digital$14.99$13.49
April 12Stories: The Path of DestiniesPlayStation 4Spearhead Games$14.99$13.49
April 19Invisible, Inc.PlayStation 4Klei Entertainment$19.99$17.99
April 26AlienationPlayStation 4Sony Computer Entertainment of America$19.99$17.99

Salt and Sanctuary is an exclusive for PlayStation 4 featuring deep combat and rich RPG elements in an environment similar to Bloodborne and Dark Souls. The title is still in development for PlayStation Vita, and it will be a cross-buy title once that version is released.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered is another classic LucasArts adventure being brought to PlayStation 4 after Grim Fandango. The title features all-new, hand-drawn, high-resolution artwork for the remastering of a time-travelling, cartoon puzzle adventure.

Enter the Gungeon combines dungeons similar to The Binding of Isaac with adrenaline-pumping action, with a two-player local co-op mode available.

Stories: The Path of Destinies, from the makers of the multiplayer puzzle game Tiny Brains, is an action RPG that features different stories depending on the choices the player makes.

Invisible, Inc. is a tactical game that allows players to take control of Invisible, Inc. agents for turn-based infiltrations into corporations.

Lastly, Alienation can have up to four players online to battle against hordes of aliens in destructible environments, utilizing a wide array of weapons.

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