The big screen mesmerizes movie lovers for different reasons. We fall in love with the stories, actors and their breathtaking performances. Others are hypnotized by cinematography, effects and lighting that brings imagination to life. A new experiment features an innovative way to bring out the colors in film, presenting them in a way that has never been seen before.

Built by designer Charlie Clark, The Colors of Motion is an interactive experiment that takes colors in movies, frame by frame, and presents them on a website. The website uses a script to analyze the frames, taking an average of their color.

"A bash script runs ffmpeg to export frames from a video file. The frame rate of the exports depends on the length of video. The bash script then calls a PHP script which extracts the average color from each frame," the site explains. "The results are spit out as a JSON file with the hex values in an array."

Viewers choose a movie they wiah to see the colors for from a list of 20. Movies include "Frozen," "The Matrix," "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Avatar." Once you have selected a movie, simply scroll to see a display of colors and see how these colors change throughout the film. By clicking on each color on a particular frame, the hex code for that color is provided.

"Frozen" consists of icy blues for most of the movie, whereas "The Matrix" is predominately green and black. "The Great Gatsby" has a wide variety or browns, pinks and purples, but also features greens and blues for a colorful display. Red and black is dominate in "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Clark is accepting movie suggestions through email.

Click here to see The Colors of Motion.

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