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iOS 11.4 Battery Drain Problem: Does iOS 11.4.1 Fix It?

A growing number of iPhone and iPad owners have complained about battery drain problems since upgrading to iOS 11.4. Does installing iOS 11.4.1 fix the issue, or are there better alternatives to solving it?

Apple July 10, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Issues: Some Units Won't Charge After Battery Drain

Some Galaxy Note 8 units are having battery issues, becoming unresponsive and no longer charging if their battery drains completely. Samsung has yet to offer a solution, and it's replacing affected units with refurbished devices.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 28, 2017

YouTube Draining Your iPhone's Battery? App Update Finally Brings Battery Drain Fix

YouTube has been a serious battery hog on iOS lately, but that's about to change. The latest app update just rolled out and it finally fixed the battery drain issues.

Apps/Software November 27, 2017

Microsoft Confirms Surface Book 2 Battery Issue: Why Does It Drain Power While Gaming Even If It's Plugged In?

The Surface Book 2 has a battery drain issue as it loses power during heavy gaming even while plugged in. Microsoft has confirmed the issue but said the device will never drain entirely.

Microsoft November 22, 2017

Android 8.1 Will Show Which Apps Are Draining Your Phone’s Battery The Most

The developer preview for Android 8.1 now features a better implementation of battery drain. It now shows which apps are causing the huge strain on your device’s juice, and lets you prevent them from being battery hogs.

Apps/Software November 11, 2017

iOS 11.1 Adds 70 New Emoji, But Does It Also Solve The Battery Drain Problem?

Apple rolled out iOS 11.1, which promises to add 70 new emoji to iPhones and iPads. While that is indeed important, the big question is whether the operating system update also fixes the battery drain problem that users have reported.

Apple November 1, 2017

Apple Falls 'Silent' Amid Continuing iOS 10 Problems

Despite mounting consumer complaints, Apple remains silent over the issue of battery problems in its iPhones. Other issues have also surfaced after users updated their units to iOS 10.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 21, 2017

Facebook Issues Fix For Messenger Battery Drain Problem

Facebook users have recently complained of battery drainage and heating issues online. David Marcus, VP of Facebook, has acknowledged and addressed the glitch, offering a solution.

Apps/Software January 12, 2017

iOS 10.1 Issues Persisting Across iOS 10.1.1 And iOS 10.2 Beta: Severe Battery Drain, Broken Audio

iPhone users have been experiencing battery drain and audio issues for a good while now and the problems persist in iOS 10.1.1. Apple has yet to roll out an update to address the issues.

Apple November 25, 2016

Android 7.0 Nougat Problems: Nexus 6P Users Report Battery Failure Issue

Nexus 6P users are reporting battery failure issues with their smartphones after installing Android 7.0 Nougat. Many claim that their devices keep shutting down even though they still have enough battery charge.

Apps/Software November 1, 2016

iOS 10 Issues: 'Bug' Causes Poor Battery Performance In Older iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s

Apple's latest iOS 10 seems to have a bug that dramatically reduces the battery performance of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPad. Apple has yet to acknowldge the issue or provide a fix, but here are a few temporary workarounds to help conserve battery life in the meantime.

Apple September 22, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 3's Battery Life Draining Quickly Again After August Firmware Update Reintroduced Issues

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is hit with battery drain issues again after August's firmware update. The problem first appeared in models with Simplo cells, but this time around, the affected units are packing in LGC ones.

Computers September 21, 2016

Microsoft Releases Surface Pro 3 Update That Fixes Battery Drain Issues

Microsoft is releasing the Surface Pro 3 update that will fix the severe battery drain issues. To make sure that the installation goes without a hitch, here are some reminders to keep in mind.

Microsoft August 30, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: How To Fix Battery Drain Issues

The Galaxy Note 7 boasts a 5.7-inch screen and a lot of features to boot, which is why it consumes a lot of power. We share some handy tips on how to counter battery drainage issues and maximize the smartphone's battery life.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 23, 2016

Microsoft Testing Software Update To Fix Surface Pro 3 Rapid Battery Drain, But Some Customers Are Not Happy About It

Microsoft is now testing a software update that will fix the battery drain issues being experienced by Surface Pro 3 owners. Some users, however, are not happy about the announcement.

Microsoft August 22, 2016

No Complaints Here: 'Pokémon GO' Has Doubled Portable Battery Pack Sales

The popularity of 'Pokémon GO' has led to a surge in sales of portable power packs. As such, manufacturers of these battery packs could very well be one of the few segments of society with no complaints against the game.

Business Tech August 5, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android Marshmallow Issues: Wi-Fi Problems, Battery Drain And More

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users flocked Android community forums to complain about a number of problems on their devices after installing the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update. The issues range from faster battery drain to not being able to connect to Wi-Fi.

Apps/Software March 10, 2016

Facebook Releases Fix For iOS Battery Drain Issue, Chalks It Up To Silent Audio In The Background

Facebook resolves battery drain issues for the iOS app, saying that the culprits are a silent audio in the background and a CPU spin in the network code.

Apps/Software October 23, 2015

Stop Facebook For iOS From Draining Your iPhone Battery: Here's How

Facebook is draining your iPhone's battery life and you have no idea how to stop it, right? Well, we might have a workaround, but you may not like it.

Apps/Software October 21, 2015

Facebook App Draining Your iPhone Battery? Facebook's On It

Facebook app users were right: the app is burning their batteries faster than usual. Facebook has confirmed the bug and says it is on it.

Apps/Software October 16, 2015

Google Acknowledges Android Wear 5.1.1 Bug Causing Battery Drain Issues

Google itself is taking responsibility for the massive battery drain plaguing smartwatches running on Android Wear 5.1.1.

Wearable Tech June 19, 2015

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