YouTube Gaming announced new availability of the app in more markets for users of both iOS and Android.

Beginning today, users from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland can enjoy a new gaming experience with the app, as well as a number of new features coming with the launch.

Since the app's launch in 2015, it introduced a promising array of unique and noteworthy features such as gameplay sessions that are live-streamed through Android devices.

The new YouTube Gaming mobile app features the ability to pop out the player to make it visible over other apps. Other notable highlights include new support for 60fps (frames per second) playback, quality switching and DVR mode, and the ability to pause or resume when recording or streaming using Mobile Capture.  

The homepage now houses a new "Live" tab where users can easily bring together top games, top streams and streams from their subscribed channels. It is also now simpler with the removal of the sidebar, allowing users to more quickly and easily find the content they want.

Currently, the app has over 25,000 games that players can watch and live-stream while they chat with other gamers. Some of the titles that are covered include Garry's Mod, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft.

It also has the biggest gaming community, made up of more than 100 million publishers and gamers. Users can tune in to a number of live streaming events that include Gamescom, PAX and E3.

"YouTube Gaming is built just for gamers, and we asked you to tell us how to make it the best way to connect with your community," wrote Alan Joyce, Product Manager at YouTube Gaming. "Today we're sharing some new ways we're helping you find and watch awesome videos and live streams based on feedback we've heard."

Google also announced that it is bringing more improvements to the YouTube Gaming app to make it more user-friendly and fully-featured on every platform. It adds that more countries are also being lined up for an upcoming launch of the app.

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