They don't exactly speak in a language that can be understood by regular humans from Earth. Nonetheless, Chewbacca and BB-8 were proud to represent the “Star Wars” galaxy when they took to the stage to accept the Kids' Choice Award for “The Force Awakens” in the Favorite Movie category.

“The Force Awakens” has to beat out the competition to get the orange Nickelodeon award. Also nominated in the same category were "Jurassic World," "Cinderella," "The Avengers," and "The Hunger Games."

But it was clear that the night belonged to “Star Wars.” From the opening sketch, starring host Blake Shelton, the Star Wars theme was already a big hit. When it came time to announce the winner for Favorite Movie, Keke Palmer and John Stamos got the crowd riled up by throwing buckets of popcorn. And as soon as they announced the winner and the walking carpet and the rolling, beeping, spherical Droid walked onto the stage, the crowd went into a frenzy.

The speech itself was short and simple, likely because an appropriate interpreter could not be found in time to translate from Wookiee and Droid into any Earth language. But one thing was clear, “The Force Awakens” has truly woken up a new generation of kids to the epic Star Wars saga.

The only let-down of the evening, though, was that neither Chewbacca nor BB-8 were chosen to get the infamous slime treatment during the show. Those honors went to host, Blake Shelton himself, John Stamos and the group Fifth Harmony after they received their award for Favorite Music Group.

In addition to winning Favorite Movie, some of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” stats also received nominations for other categories.

John Boyega, who played the ex-Stromtrooper Finn, was nominated for Favorite Movie Actor, and Daisy Ridley was nominated for Favorite Movie Actress. Unfortunately, they lost out to Will Ferrell in “Daddy's Home” and Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2."

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