Deezer is finally available on the Apple Watch following a long anticipated wait by music buffs.

Known as a leading on-demand audio service worldwide, Deezer boasts the largest music library on a global scale. Users can access content from the music library by simply using the My Music feature found in the Deezer app.

"Alas we live in a world bound by the orderly progression of day and night," says Deezer on an official blog post. "But that doesn't mean you can't, while trapped in time's sticky web, enjoy your favorite music on Deezer's new Apple Watch app!"

Apple Watch users can take advantage of Deezer's flagship feature known as Flow, which intuitively anticipates exactly the type of music they want to hear. It is also perfect for accessing music on the go.

According to Deezer, Flow is "your own personal DJ that knows exactly what you want to hear, utilizing the best of man and machine to play all your favorite hits."

Other notable features of Deezer on Apple Watch include Player, Mixes, Charts, My Music and Force Touch.

Player allows users to take control of the track they want to play or skip to play on the app.

Mixes will depend on the user's mood, aiming to help in deciding what the user wants to hear.

Charts allow music trend geeks to be always updated with contents that are currently trending through the feature's Top Tracks, Top Artist, Top Albums and Top Playlists.

Users will also be given a full and easier access to their entire music library through the app's My Music feature, which syncs the wearable with one's iPhone. This includes gaining access to the user's favorite tracks albums, podcasts, artists and playlists.

Lastly, the Force Touch feature gives instant access to the user's queue list as well as to some content they intend to repeat playback or play through a shuffle mode.

"I love my classic watch, but when I want to listen to Flow on-the-go, it's my Deezer on Apple Watch that lets me listen to all my favorite tracks on hand - anytime, anywhere," says Alexander Holland, Deezer's chief content and product officer.

Deezer is a privately held company that was established back in 2007. While its headquarters are based in Paris, it also has offices in San Francisco, London and other regions around the globe.

The Deezer app is currently available as a free download for users of iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android devices. Deezer on Apple Watch requires iOS 8.2 or higher for iPhone users.

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