The much rumored four-inch iPhone SE may be more exciting than initially thought, as it now seems it will rock a high-end iSight camera with 4K video-shooting capabilities.

Rumor has it that Apple is now working on a new promotional video to show off the 4K-capable camera of its upcoming iPhone SE, which is expected to debut on March 21. A high-end camera that can shoot in 4K would put the iPhone SE along the same lines as the flagship iPhone 6s in terms of camera prowess.

"According to a tipster, Apple plans to tout the imaging prowess of the so-called 'iPhone SE' in a forthcoming promotional video that features a scene comprised of 4K footage captured completely on-device," reports Apple-centric website Apple Insider.

The source further tells Apple Insider that Apple employees have been filming at the New York location since last week, apparently getting ready for the big event. The publication notes that it could not verify the accuracy of its source's claims, so it's advisable to take this news with a grain of salt.

If this information turns out to be accurate, the iPhone SE would be closer to the iPhone 6s than previously thought. Earlier reports already revealed that the iPhone SE would pack the same Apple A9 processor as the iPhone 6s line, while more recent analyst predictions hinted at a 12 megapixel rear camera instead of the 8 megapixel shooter initially rumored.

The smaller iPhone SE was also said to come without the 3D Touch functionality, as Apple reportedly wants to differentiate this four-inch model from its top-end iPhones. If the iPhone SE comes with a 4K iSight camera, however, the differences would not be very substantial.

The iPhone SE is also expected to pack an NFC chip and support Apple Pay, the company's increasingly popular mobile payments solution.

It remains to be seen which tidbits of information turn out to be accurate, but the four-inch iPhone SE could be a real hit if it does pack powerful specs and the same 12 megapixel 4K camera with Live Photos as the iPhone 6s.

With Apple's March 21 event just around the corner, we'll soon learn more straight from the source. In the meantime, take all leaks, rumors and reports with a dose of skepticism.

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