Gwenpool is about to go all out in a no-holds barred, no responsibility, no consequences kind of way.

In Marvel's Unbelievable Gwenpool #1, Gwen, just a normal girl with a thing for comic books, suddenly finds herself inside the Marvel universe. However, because she believes that these characters that she's read about for so long are in no way real, she decides that this new experience is all a dream.

So, Gwen decides to take on that world by storm by getting her own pink and white costume to start fighting crime, because that's what superheroes do, at least those with their own comic book series.

"Ms. Poole basically thinks she's been transported into a video game," writer Christopher Hastings said to "It's a world where hundreds of super powered citizens shoot each other with eyeball lasers and grenades that are painted to look like pumpkins for some reason all the time ... But the series will be about showing her that no, she's not completely right. There are consequences to her actions. "

Marvel released a preview of Unbelievable Gwenpool #1, featuring artwork by Gurihiru, showing off cover art and interior pages.

Promising a Gwenpool that "will shoot and stab her way through everyone," Marvel calls Gwenpool a new player in their universe. However, Gwen doesn't yet know that her actions will have consequences: this isn't a video game or a dream, but the real world.

Unbelievable Gwenpool will also have Gwen coming across other characters in the Marvel universe, including Batroc the Leaper, as well as some of the younger Marvel superheroes who can relate to Gwen on a different level.

"Gwen's a total rookie when it comes to this assassin and mercenary stuff, so I thought it would be fun to set her off against someone who is the total opposite ... say someone who is Designed Only for Killing," said Hastings.

Gwen might not have powers in her solo series, but she'll learn what life is like as a superhero, even as she becomes quite possibly the "least role-modely and least responsible character to date."

Unbelievable Gwenpool #1 hits store shelves on April 13.

Photos: Marvel

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