'Fallout 4' Recreation Of The Latest 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Features Iron Man Power Armor


With enough know-how and the right mods installed, nearly anything is possible in Fallout 4 thanks to the game's crafting system and large modding community. As such, Bethesda's open-world RPG has been a popular choice for those looking to recreate movie trailers.

We've seen plenty of these in the past. However, most aren't as great as this recreation of the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer from creator UpIsNotJump.

For starters, it replaces Tony Stark's Iron Man suit with an extremely cool red- and gold-painted suit of Power Armor, complete with glowing blue eyes. But that's just one highlight. Moment for moment, this in-game remake follows the trailer closely, but never feels as artificial or stiff as Fallout 4 trailer remakes often do.

If you think back to the original trailer, you'll remember tons of explosions, fights between heroes and more. UpIsNotJump captures it all, including moments like when Tony uses his armored glove in a battle with the Winter Soldier. UpIsNotJUmp even captures Ant-Man's flight on one of Hawkeye's arrows.

The in-game trailer also makes great use of Fallout 4's wide variety of environments to sync up perfectly with the real trailer. Fort Independence represents the sub-ocean containment facility, vertibirds stand in for helicopters and highways are, well, highways.

Of course, the one moment everybody was (and still is) talking about is the reveal of Spider-Man at the end, and this Fallout 4 version doesn't disappoint. Wearing what appears to be a recolored Vault jumpsuit, Spider-Man's Fallout debut might not be nearly as exciting as his Marvel Cinematic Universe one, but it's cool to see nonetheless.

It's not the first time UpIsNotJump has tackled Marvel trailers, either, having previously recreated Daredevil's season two trailer. While it's not as great as this Captain America one, it's still worth a watch. They've also done a recreation of DC's Suicide Squad trailer, as well as an original rap using in-game sounds that is surprisingly good. You can check out more of UpIsNotJump's work on their YouTube channel

You can check out both Captain America: Civil War trailers below.

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