Yahoo might be the biggest culprit in hoarding one of your dream domain names, but the search engine company is turning over a good leaf - it has partnered with online trading company Search Engine for Domain Offers (or Sedo) to sell off domain names that have been collecting dusts in their cabinets for years. The collaboration initially puts 29 domains on the auction block but as of reporting, there are 300 premium domains listed.

Some interesting finds on the lot include,,, and The list goes on with price ranging from $500 for more common domains to top listings that go as high as $250,000 or even $1.5 million.

There are also odd domains such as,, and The Yahoo Premium Domain Auction also offers domains fit for instructional and informative websites such as,, or

"When you're a company that's been around as long as Yahoo, there are lots of fun things that you stumble across. This year, we found a huge list of domain names that the company has owned for quite some time," said Yahoo Deputy General Counsel Kevin Kramer through Yahoo's Tumblr account.

"As we discussed what to do with them, it became obvious that it was time to set them free...back into the wild of the Internet. Surely, creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs could come up with something great to do with them. They could even spark some brand new ideas or companies," he added.

The domain sale dubbed as "Domainapalooza" of Yahoo kicked off November 14 and will last until 21. The unused domains can translate to millions for the company, now helmed by CEO Marissa Mayer, if the auction will have a successful run.

"Domain names are a strategic investment and using them to the fullest extent includes regular review of a portfolio to see which names are actively in use, and which ones are sitting idle," said Sedo's chief executive Tobias Flaitz through a press statement.

"Smart companies like Yahoo can profit from active management of their domains, and at the same time, give others the opportunity to acquire a domain that's perfect for their needs," he added.

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