Snapchat released a new filter on Friday that will further fuel the debate about which superhero is better, Batman or Superman. The new filter allows users to get a glimpse of the power possessed by the Man of Steel as he seemingly battles against Batman.

In promotion of the theatrical release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Snapchat released a filter yesterday that turned the user into the Dark Knight. The Batman geolens was impressive, allowing the Snapchatter to wear the iconic Batsuit as a bataring came crashing against the screen. The filter was dark, moody and stormy, setting the tone of what we can expect from the film.

And so it would only make sense that the photo messaging app would now release a geolens where we can take on the role of Superman.

Once the user taps on the filter, the screen turns a soft gray with rain pouring down as ominous music plays in the background. The only color on the screen is the user's eyes, which have turned red. The Snapchatter is then instructed to open their mouth, and bright red laser beams will come shooting out. Of course, fans of the DC Comics' hero know that this is solar flare and heat vision super powers.

Once the fire is released from the user's eyeballs, the scene cuts to Batman, who is hanging on top of a building. As if he is escaping the power of Superman's abilities, the Caped Crusader quickly uses his grapple gun to get away.

It looks like Superman just won this battle of Snapchat filters.

But even still, it's hard to say which filter is better because they are so different. Batman's filter seemed way longer and more interactive, with more effects thrown into the mix. And, well, Batman is better, regardless. This opinion aside, the Superman filter is still fun to play around with. How often do you get to put the fear of god into the Dark Knight? Plus, it puts both superheroes into the same filter.

Check out the Superman filter for yourself on Snapchat today. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25.

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