Twitter has been continuing to roll out its algorithm-based timeline to users, now changing its policy to have users opt-out of the now more widely-enabled feature.

The social network previously announced back in February that it would reorganize its timeline to show tweets first that are most relevant to a specific user using algorithms. Twitter said that users would have to opt-in to see their new timelines. Users who logged into their account have probably seen the message that told them to "never miss an important tweet" with the new feature, explaining that the best tweets based on the people they follow will be shown first. Users could either click "got it" or change their settings.

However, with its Feb. 10 launch, the company did say that users would have the choice until the new timelines would become the default in "the coming weeks." It appears that "the coming weeks" have arrived.

It was reported that the algorithm-based timelines are now enabled by default. Twitter even updated the language on its support page to inform users that they will now have to opt-out instead.

"Tweets you are likely to care about most will show up first in your timeline. We choose them based on accounts you interact with most, Tweets you engage with, and much more. You can find instructions for how to turn off this behavior here," the site reads.

This change appears to force the user to use the new timeline as the site continues to evolve. While the initial announcement caused lots of backlash from users, those who learned about the new opt-out option have continued to voice their disapproval on the site. Many also claimed that they never got the notification and the site enabled the feature without any heads-up.

However, Twitter has now responded, revealing that its users can still make the decision to go back to the old timeline.

"As we said in our announcement, we're rolling out our timeline improvements to everyone over time. People can still choose to opt out of it in their settings," the company told the Next Web.

The company also confirmed that every user does receive a notification.

In all fairness, Twitter did warn users about the changes back during the new timeline's launch, and at least they still have the free will to turn it off. There's also a good chance that most users didn't even notice anything different.

In hindsight, it seems inevitable that the platform would implement algorithms on its feed. With the amount of users on the social network, and users following hundreds or thousands of accounts, it's easy to miss a tweet they actually would have wanted to see.

Facebook is known for using algorithms to determine which posts appear at the top of its News Feed, and now, Instagram is following suit to also test out this feature.

Those who want to disable the new Twitter timeline can do so by going to their account settings, and look for the "Timeline" section under "Content." Uncheck the box next to the text "show me the best Tweets first," and your timeline will go back to normal.

Source: The Next Web

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