Google launched an update to its Maps service, allowing users to customize their favorite locations with quirky stickers.

Users who want to give their home and work locations an extra visual bang can choose from igloos and treehouses to teepees and yellow submarines. Some of us dream of working on a pirate ship or in a lighthouse, and Google Maps' stickers now allow you to bring that fantasy closer to reality.

The visual location cues are the latest update from the company's driving instruction service. In spite of not bringing an essential capability or fixing irritating bugs, the update does put a smile on our faces. We could speculate that it makes certain trips around town more memorable, as well.

One thing that Google aims to achieve by launching the stickers is to convince users to tag locations that are significant to them. You can also mark other places aside from your office building and your home, of course. The company says that a close friend's crib, the gym or your favorite restaurant could be tagged as well.

What is more, Google Maps offers updated information on traffic and public transport, so you can schedule your meetings and daily activities better after tagging such locations.

The optional sticky label replaces the outdated stars from the previous variants of the app. Now it will be much easier to plan a route through the city on your way home from work or during a week-end window-shopping session.

Android users can start using the new giggly visuals immediately, and the company says that iOS device owners will get a version of the app as soon as possible.

Saving your work and home addresses in Google Maps si quick and easy. All you need to do is sign into your Google account. Labeling is available via the Your Places tab, where you can either search for or directly input the address. After you have uploaded the location, you may find it in the search bar. Enjoy the smooth driving directions and navigate quickly and easily from wherever you are to your Disney Castle loft.

Google Maps faces strong competition from rivals, but it also has Waze. If you're torn between Google Maps and Waze, we pitted them one against the other so that you know what their strong points are.

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