On March 16, Kelsey Harmon Tweeted a photo of her grandfather who was sad after only one grandchild out of six showed up for a dinner of burgers with him. The Internet went crazy over it to the point that some people hunted down and berated the other grandkids for ignoring their grandfather - which was not the case. Now sad papaw is not sad anymore and his grandson, Brock Harmon, announced on March 18 that his papaw will be hosting a cookout and everyone is invited.

The cookout will be held on March 26 from 11 AM to 4 PM at the 15835 State Hwy 39 Purcell Oklahoma 73080, which is where the flea market the family runs is stationed. Brock said that his papaw will be cooking burgers for $2 and is open to taking photos with the people who will attend. The family will also be selling shirts with an "I had a burger with Papaw" and a photo of papaw printed on it.

Brock also clarified that all the proceeds of the cookout will be given to papaw and he will be the one to decide what to do with the money.

"We can't believe something that small blew up like this. It's crazy how social media can take something so little and magnify it to be ridiculously crazy," Brock said. Just how ridiculously crazy did it get?

There were reactions and papaw memes within 24 hours but what was scary was that some people decided to go to the extreme and not only reprimand Kelsey's cousins but sent them death threats as well. Now papaw would definitely not like it if his grandkids were harmed, wouldn't he?

This caused a little conflict between Kelsey and her cousins but, luckily, they actually think clearly and patched up soon after. The other five also made it a point to claim their portion of the burgers and probably gave a good explanation of why they were not able to make it.

So for all those who felt bad for papaw, you can see for yourself that everything is really fine within the Harmon family if you swing by the cookout on the 26th.

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