The dashboard allows a user to view how many impressions he received on a tweet, the number of times that the tweet has received favorite clicks, how many profile clicks his account has received, and the number of replies and retweets that he gets from a tweet. It also reveals the number of times that users have engaged with a tweet and what type of engagement it was.

The analytics dashboard was initially launched in July and catered solely to advertisers and verified users. It gives valuable information which advertisers can take advantage of when it comes to optimizing their content strategy.

Twitter wants the dashboard experience to become more significantly accessible by allowing its access to all Twitter users. This means that even regular users would be able to figure out the best frequency of a tweet and the ideal time of the day or of the week that the user can utilize as a basis for sending out a timely tweet. Moreover, users can get a glimpse of real-time performance of their tweets. They can also export the metrics of their Tweet performance into a CSV file that includes organic and promoted content.

"Absolutely thrilled to open up access to to everyone. Check it out, and let us know what you think," tweets Ian Chan, front end engineer at Twitter.

In the past, non-advertising users had to depend on third party apps to generate Twitter metrics. The creation of a front-facing product for Twitter users is indeed a significant move for the company.

"It's incredibly powerful for our brands to gain insights into their organic impressions on Twitter. We gain a massive amount of value in understanding how our Tweets resonate with our followers," says VP Bonin Bough of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International. He adds that the new dashboard gives a clearer understanding on how their brand's voice can play a huge role in driving organic activity. This way, the company can make smarter decisions when utilizing paid campaigns.

In order to gain viewing access to these analytics, the Twitter user's account should at least have gone live for 14 days. It should not be suspended, protected, restricted nor deleted. Apart from English, Tweets must be in languages such as French, Spanish, or Japanese.

Twitter's goal is to provide useful insights to help advertisers maximize their business presence every time they use Twitter. The best way to start all these is with the new Tweet activity dashboard.

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