Facebook and Twitter are each trying to gain the rights to live stream TV shows while programmers try to decide if striking a streaming deal with the two companies will be good for their business.

Facebook is currently negotiating with the National Football League in order to gain digital rights to stream Thursday Night Football. The company has reportedly been in talks with a number of TV executives for the past couple of weeks.

Dan Rose, Facebook's VP of partnership, confirmed that the company is also in talks with agents from Hollywood in a bid to bring actors and music personalities to its live streaming initiative.

In the latter part of 2015, Facebook released a new product known as "Facebook Live" which seemed to have similar features with YouTube.

"Facebook Live enables you to share your experiences and perspectives in real time, with the people who matter to you - whether you're someone who wants to broadcast to friends and family, or a public figure who wants to connect with fans around the world," says Facebook. "Live videos on Facebook are authentic and exciting, and we're seeing people tuning in and engaging directly with broadcasters in the moment."

Citing an unnamed source who allegedly heard Facebook's pitch, the New York Post reports that Facebook also discussed a potential skinny bundle of channels so it could push the programming to its massive user base.

Twitter, meanwhile, tried to convince TV programmers that the new live streaming offer will allow TV networks to gain younger viewers in just a single click of a button.

Last month, the company launched the new @video account that allows its users to film or upload their videos directly from Twitter.

"We're previewing video stories that will be told in real time on Twitter in our first series from @video, #FFWD2016," says Twitter. "We've profiled six rising Twitter creators in music, art, sports, food, and news, who are sure to be trending this year. Get their take on the fresh ideas, events, and video concepts they'll be Tweeting as they look ahead to a big 2016."

Some of the artists that are lined up for Twitter's first @video series include singer-songwriter Shamir Bailey; foodie Laura Miller who will soon publish her first cookbook; DJ superstar Martin Garrix; and renowned visual artist JR.

It is not known how the two companies will live stream the shows, as programmers are yet to see any demo. Since Facebook and Twitter have both built their platforms to feature free content, programmers are yet to determine how content owners can monetize from live streaming content in the two social networks.

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