We all spend inordinate amount of time on Internet. Sometimes looking for something interesting to read while other times something interesting to watch. We all will agree that finding contents online that are worth watching is certainly not a walk in the park, and this is where Netflix steps in.

Netflix has introduced a new redesigned look for its TV interface recently. The update has been brought up in such a way that it will encourage the members to consume more contents online. The update is aimed at providing maximum options to watch online whatever the subscriber might like.

The redesigned interface is visually appealing and engaging at the first sight. Next time you browse a title you will be presented with three rotating images from the TV show or the movie. Along with that, it will have a shorter synopsis and information regarding awards won by the movie. In short, it's been designed in such a way that you will be returning to Netflix more often.

"It's about Netflix getting out of the way and letting the user connect with the movie or TV show," said Chris Jaffe,  Netflix vice president of product innovation  "We've been testing with 200,000 users and the result is that they watch more." According to Jaffe, the new design will help users in making smarter choices.

The updated interface has already begun rolling out. It is expected that over the next two weeks, it will be available on devices like PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Roku 3. Xbox One and Apple TV will be left out of the new design because of certain compatibility issues.

"This is a TV-focused experience, though some of the high level themes could translate well to the apps and the websites," Jaffe added. "You shouldn't be surprised if we went in that direction."

Shares of Netflix were up 1.33 percent at $339.73 during midday trading on NASDAQ on Thursday.

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