Apple released a major update to iOS 9 after its iPhone SE and iPad Pro media event. Now, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users have begun flooding Apple's online forums with reports of serious issues after installing iOS 9.3.

In early January Apple released the first beta of its upcoming iOS 9.3 to developers and soon made the software update available to members of its public beta program. iOS 9.3 includes some major new features, including Night Shift, which makes the displays of iOS 9.3 devices able to display a warmer look, making viewing easier on the eyes, especially when using the devices before bedtime.

Enhanced security for the Notes application now allows users to protect specific notes with Touch ID and passwords.

Verizon users gain access to Wi-Fi calling after updating to iOS 9.3 and other features include more support for 3D Touch shortcuts for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners. Apple's Weather, Settings, App Store, Health, iTunes Store and Compass apps have all been given the treatment.

While iOS 9.3 brings many cool new features, you might want to postpone updating to the new OS if you haven't already done so, now that Apple's support forums are being flooded with reports of serious problems. Reported issues include not being able to open the Music app or sync iTunes music, apps, videos, photos, podcasts, books, tones and information.

"I am unable to open the music app, it hangs and [jumps] out when I try to select a song. My playlist is not able to open. Selecting any option will hang it and it exits. I am unable to sync to iTunes. It says sync session fails to [start]," an iPhone 6s Plus user states.

Another iPhone 6s Plus owner reports that after applying the iOS 9.3 update, Touch ID ceased to work and is unable to unlock the iPhone using a fingerprint. Setting up new fingerprints and rebooting offered no fix.

A user with an iPhone 5s and iPad is reporting that applying the iOS 9.3 update to both devices resulted in a "failed to activate" message.

Another user is having issues with 3D Touch on an iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 9.3: "I just downloaded the new 9.3 update and I was under the impression that the weather app was going to be able to respond to 3D Touch, being that the case mine doesn't work."

Some iPhone owners are reporting that they can no longer access the Internet using their carrier's 4G LTE network and can only go online using Wi-Fi. One user posted a possible fix for this issue, but you may want to wait for Apple to release an update to address all of these issues.

We're going to keep an eye on ongoing iOS 9.3 problems and solutions and report right back to you. Have you faced any issues on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch since installing iOS 9.3? Please let us know in the comments below and tell us if you figured out a way to fix the issue.

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