Amazon cloud storage service Zocalo now generally available


Amazon has introduced a possible rival to Dropbox, Google Drive, and any other cloud storage services in the market today. The Amazon Zocalo is now available to all customers.

This cloud storage service boasts of being a secure storage and sharing service for the enterprise. Amazon promises feedback capabilities and strong administrative controls for enhanced user productivity.

The Zocalo is accessible from different devices: PCs, tablets, Macs, and smartphones. This makes files very mobile and easily accessible to everyone on the shared list.

Files shared with other users can be commented on. New versions are saved each time to so there is no need for multiple e-mails.

The Amazon Zocalo is now available in these markets: EU (Ireland) AWS Regions, US-West-2 (Oregon), and US-East-1 (N.Virginia). Amazon will offer the storage service to other regions later.

Here is a rundown of Zocalo's main features:

Simple Document Feedback
Cloud storage service users can leave detailed and overall comments on the documents. Contributors are notified about the review activities and deadlines via email.

Central Hub
Users are shown a central location for documents and files being reviewed and those that have yet to receive feedback from others. Related feedbacks are seen in a single view for easier reading and commenting.

Access and Sync from Any Device 
Easy access from any device is possible. May it be on their Android tablet, iPad, or Kindle Fire. The Zocalo Sync client allows automatic syncing on their mobile devices and computer.

What makes the Amazon Zocalo a better cloud storage service? It's low cost, secure, and easily integrates one's corporate directory. Cost per user per month is only $5. This includes 200GB of cloud storage.

Amazon is known for its secure services so Zocalo users are assured of a safe place for their documents. A manager using policies can control sharing behavior of files. A user's existing Active Directory can also be integrated and accessed from the Amazon Zocalo.

"This API is currently internal, but we plan to expose it in the future. If you are interested in building applications that work with the Zocalo API," Chief Evangelist for the Amazon Web Services Jeff Barr wrote in a blog. "We are very interested in learning more about the kinds of applications that you are thinking about building," Barr added.

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