Latest study has found that heatwaves may become more intense due to some ground-based plants' reaction to the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. The heatwaves in China and Europe are more likely to result in maximum temperatures that are up to five degrees Celsius warmer compared to past estimates.

The Australian research team discovered that needle leaf forests as well as agricultural and tundra lands are most likely to project the biggest temperature surges. According to lead author Dr. Jatin Kala, vegetation's role in intense temperature events is often underestimated because earlier climate models lacked sufficient details about them.

The team examined several plants' stomata, the small pores that absorb carbon dioxide and release water to the atmosphere. Previous climate models failed to consider the sizable variables in the way different plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

This leads to an overestimation of how much water is lost during the process. If plants are only able to release limited water, then the intensity of the heatwaves increase. For the first time, the variation in plants' water-use mechanism is included in a global climate model based on the best observations available.

Effects Of Heatwaves

Climate change-induced heatwaves have a devastating effect on several aspects of human life such as public health, global food production, agriculture and much move.

In a recent study, researchers found that droughts and severe heatwaves have decreased cereal harvests around the world — including rice, wheat and maize — by percent in a 50-year period. Another study discovered that these weather-related incidents are occurring more frequently in the United States.

Improving these warming signals for heatwaves can help the public and farmers prepare better. Scientists developed a new method of predicting heatwaves by as much as 50 days in advance by looking at a distinctive sea surface temperature pattern in the North Pacific Ocean.

This new method can provide an early warning signal and advisory for the upcoming heatwaves at least in the eastern part of the United States. Heatwaves are one of the most devastating weather-related events that can impact so many aspects of human life. Early and adequate preparation can help economies fare better and avoid worst-case scenarios.

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