The team behind the popular picture-sharing app Instagram has finally decided to give its web version an upgrade with the addition of a new drop-down box for notifications.

The feature allows users to view recent activities related to their Instagram account through their computers. These include heads up on people who have followed or tagged them as well as those who have liked or commented on their posts.

According to a spokesperson for Instagram, the new notifications tab is available to all users of the mobile app.

While the upgrade may not offer much to fans of the app, it's still a significant development for Instagram's presence on the web.

For years, the site only allowed users to view the pictures they've posted using their mobile devices. They can also see their friends' pictures, but that was pretty much all it did. The web version still doesn't have an Explore option, which would've let users search for new content on Instagram.

However, with the new update, it could help generate greater usage of Instagram on the web, especially from desktop and laptop users. This in turn could lead to more improvements on the website, such as the ability to upload images using their PCs which currently can only be done through mobile devices.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, also made a similar move for its newly-acquired property, WhatsApp. The online messaging service was given its very own website dedicated for desktop users last year.

Other mobile apps appear to be heading over to the web as well. Social networking service Snapchat delivered a live feed from the Oscars, which was made available to both app and web users. However, it's still unclear whether the company plans to conduct similar events through its website again in the future or if the Oscars feed was just a one-time thing.

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