The mobile versions of OneDrive haven't always held true to the unified storage its name suggests, but Microsoft's latest update to the Android version of its cloud storage software makes it possible for users to access both business and personal data accounts via the app.

Microsoft's latest round of updates were rolled out onto the Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions of the OneDrive app.

Android was the first mobile platform to receive the update unifying personal and business OneDrive accounts. Similar releases for iOS and Windows Phone are just a few months out, according to a post from Jason Moore, OneDrive's principal group program manager.

"Our Android update is starting to roll out [Aug. 28], and with it, you can now access both your personal and work accounts," says Moore. "This is the first example of how we're creating a single, unified OneDrive experience that holistically addresses what people, businesses, and IT managers need. Because people are increasingly using the same devices and apps to get things done at work and at home, the ability to store and share files in the cloud is essential on both fronts."

The Android update keeps work and personal accounts separate, though the data stored under both profiles can be accessed during a single session of OneDrive for Android. Moore says business and personal data are clearly identified to prevent any mixing of business and pleasure while using the cloud storage app.

Microsoft has also added a locking mechanic to OneDrive for Android, allowing users to protect data with pin codes. In addition, OneDrive data may also be accessed from other apps.

While Android received the most important One Drive updates, the iOS and Windows Phone platforms were also treated to some improvements.

OneDrive for iOS was updated with a native search and an "All Photo" view, allowing users of Apple products to view an overview of images stored on OneDrive.

On OneDrive for Windows Phone, Microsoft rolled out an update that allows users to access OneDrive's recycle bin features. A number of bugs were also addressed in the update, according to Moore.

The updates to OneDrive mobile are crucial, as Microsoft's cloud storage service faces stiff competition from the likes of DropBox and Google Drive.

"We want OneDrive to be the one place for everything in your work and life," says Moore. "That means continually updating the service and our apps to give you an easier and more intuitive experience, helping you be more productive, and ensuring that you're never without the files that matter to you. You want the ability to view those photos from that trip to Hawaii as well as work on your sales proposal -- all from one device."

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