When it comes to listening to music on our phones, there's no shortage of streaming apps to choose from. But these platforms don't offer a seamless way for users to connect and share music with others.

Launched on Thursday for iOS and Android, Noted is a social media discovery app that makes it easy to share and find new music that is recommended by people users know and trust.

"Over the last year, we've worked with tens of thousands of users, artists, labels and industry partners and learned that it matters who introduces you to a song," CEO and co-founder Ben Hewitt said in a press release. "But people don't want to have to dig too far for new music. Complementing simplified music sharing with advanced technology is a huge step forward for personalized online music discovery."

Noted is a music-specific platform that features multiple libraries and combines a social element by including friend recommendations to provide a personalized music experience.

The music app allows users to search for and then post songs using SoundCloud and YouTube. When the user shares the song, it will be displayed in their profile feed, which serves as a playlist of their favorite music. The track will appear in a feed seen by other users who follow them. This allows Noted to provide a stream of music that is curated by user's friends.

To further discover music, users can also search for music based on hashtags like #tbt or #nowplaying, as well as by playlist. Noted also reveals which posts are trending so that the user can find that new song that's guaranteed to be a hit, along with all music that was recently posted.

This music app uses a "special sauce" (algorithms) to learn the user's preferences over time. The more the user likes, shares or reposts songs from other users, the more personalized their music experience becomes. For example, after sharing Gwen Stefani's latest single, Noted will then suggest more tracks from this artist in the "Explore" tab.

"Music is part of the human experience. Everyone has songs that remind them of people, places or memories," said Tim Welch, CTO and co-founder. "Noted captures the human elements of music sharing, but as you like and post songs, we use the benefits of technology to learn and provide a smarter, more personalized way to find new music."

Along with being a place where listeners can find new music, Noted is also a community. Friends can create playlists together, perfect for when needing music to get ready for a girl's night out. It also acts as a song-messaging app where users can send songs to their friends via chat and listen to them in real time. This makes it pretty much any music and social media lover's dream.

Noted is available to download for free for iOS and Android.

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