The Best Apps For Comic Book Collectors


There are people who head to theaters to see the latest Marvel and DC blockbusters to enjoy the action and a decent storyline, and then there are the die-hard comic book geeks who know every character's back story and can pick up on what the director's pulled from the pages. If you fall into the second category, then you probably already have a few apps on hand that allow you to get your comics fix in whenever and wherever.

But these apps might just be aimed at reading comics. While digital comics apps are great, there are plenty of other titles that further cater to comic book culture. These include apps that will help you find the nearest shop when traveling, connect with those who share the same passion and learn how much your collection is worth.

Here are the best apps to download for those users who just can't get enough of comic book culture. 

Comic Geeks

What is it? Comics discovery tool that lets users view new titles released by week or in the past with ability to create and manage a pull list.
Why download? Users can keep a catalog of their collection, add to their wish list and read and write reviews.
Best feature? Tracker that lets users know when titles are coming to their local shop.
Available for: iOS, Android

CLZ Comics

What is it? A mobile database of all the comics you own and want.
Why download? Easiest way to keep inventory on your collection for up to 100 titles for free, with free cloud storage.
Best feature? Ability to scan comic barcodes to download the details, including creator, character list and cover images.
Available for: iOS, Android


What is it? App that tells you how much your comics are worth.
Why download? Users can see the value of comics they have or want to purchase, and find titles they are missing in their collection.
Best feature? The price guide. It makes serious comic book collector's lives so much easier.
Available for: iOS

Comic Store Finder

What is it? App that helps you hunt down the nearest comics store location.
Why download? Features more than 2,000 store locations, and offers the ability to see the 25 stores closest to the user.
Best feature? The ability to find new stores, and conventions near your home or when on vacation.
Available for: iOS, Android


What is it? App that lets users make their own comics.
Why download? After being inspired by your favorite comic creators, it's time to create your own.
Best feature? Amazing graphics, over 100 layout and caption tools that make it easy to use.
Available for: iOS

Comics Amino For Comics Fans

What is it? A social media site that connects users who can't get enough of comics culture.
Why download? Show your love for comics, share your favorite titles and discover new ones.
Best feature? Being able to make new friends in the comics community.
Available for: iOS, Android

Comic Geek Speak

What is it? A podcast that focuses on all things comic book.
Why download? Hosts talk comic book history, current news and industry talk.
Best feature? Interviews with creators, contests and trivia.
Available for: iOS, Amazon, and other podcast apps.

Photo: Sam Howzit | Flickr

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