Google is allegedly experimenting with the regular Android camera app so that it can integrate the "Visual Search" abilities and features of Goggles.

While one has the option of downloading the Google Goggles app to search for a specific image, as well as its source by using one's camera, this may soon change.

If the rumors are true, then one may be able to look for anything they can espy with their camera on their Android-powered device directly!

According to a report from SlashGear, an anonymous source has revealed to the site that Google is potentially working on a novel feature for Android cameras. This feature will possibly enable Android smartphone users to directly search out information from the pictures.

"Today we're to understand — from an anonymous source, as it were — that Google may soon be releasing a new camera feature they've had in testing for some time. This feature would allow the user to use their standard Google Camera app to search for information based on what they're able to see - but more than that," revealed the publication.

The source also shared an image (below) which offers glimpses into the potential of the technology Google allegedly has in the pipeline.

The technology Google plausibly has in the pipeline is essentially a merger of its visual-search based app Google Goggles and the Android camera.

For the unfamiliar, Google Goggles enables users of the app to click pictures of famous or identifiable things and gives more details on the same. For example you are in Italy and snap-up a picture of the Trevi Fountain (or the Fontana di Trevi) in Rome. If you search Google Goggles using the picture it will give you a low-down on the history of the famous landmark.

Moreover, the app also has the ability to read text in nearly 8 languages, and even translate the same.

The functionality said the publication's source has been tested out on a "wearable computing device." This hints that Google could have tested the technology on its Google Glass or may have deployed it on its impending rumored AR/VR headset.

The integration has several benefits for users and would enable a user to outline or circle the article they wish to capture with their finger. This can be done in real-time or even after the image or video has been taken. Thanks to this functionality, a user will have the option of getting only the article they wish to get identified with ease, eliminating the background information in the image which is unimportant.

Whether Google will take the wraps off this technology at the upcoming Google I/O in May remains to be seen.

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