New NX Leak Claims It's More Powerful Than PS4 And Ready By 2017, Says Alleged Game Developer


A new NX rumor has popped up on the Web claiming that this highly purported and anticipated hot new console from Nintendo is more powerful than PS4 and is going to be initially pushed out by 2017.

This new leak comes hot on the heels of other earlier Nintendo NX rumors about its controller. Do note, though, that these two previous leaks turned out to be hoaxes.

The most recent set of leaks come from a Reddit user, with the handle stimpak_vendor, who claims to be a AAA developer working with a “real” NX development kit.

Here’s what we have extracted thus far from the Reddit post and from the comment section.

1. Generally, the controller that they have on their devkit looks different from what was leaked a few days ago.

2. The screen of the controller has a “standard rectangle” shape, not an oval shape. It has a resolution of 1080p.

3. The controller features physical buttons “with a screen behind them.” Moreover, it does not include a touch screen with haptic feedback nor a form shifting screen.

4. It appears to look traditional. In fact, stimpak_vendor says that it looks akin to a “boring black box” containing a disc drive along with USB ports. Furthermore, it is described as being “hardwired to the devkit.”

5. The controller has scroll wheel shoulder buttons, similar to what was described in an earlier rumor. However, in addition to these buttons, the gadget also sports regular shoulder buttons with the labels ZL and ZR.

6. The controller rocks a headphone jack located in the bottom.

7. At the moment, the controller is named “NX” internally. However, stimpak_vendor adds that “no one outside Nintendo knows” the official name unless it hits the market.

8. This controller is not going to replace the 3DS. It is described as “sort of a game system in its own.” In addition, this is said to work “like a companion app on a phone” that gamers can take it with them.

9. It is not yet confirmed right now whether the Nintendo NX is backwards compatible with the 3DS or Wii U or not.

10. The controller’s screen does not show the gameplay.

“Think of it as a skin that you can customize, and put icons behind the [transparent buttons], and also a touch interface so you can add more actions to the controller,” says the leaker.

He adds that there is a way to stream the main gameplay to this controller, however, it underscores that it is not the main purpose of having a touch screen.

11. The controller has a Mii support. Nevertheless, it does not have a functionality to StreetPass.

Responding to a comment asking if users of the controller are able to load a game into the pad and bring it with you, stimpak_vendor says a game can’t be loaded into it.

“Like I said, it's like companion apps,” he says.

With regard to how big the controller is as compared with the Wii U gamepad, he says the NX is “about the size of the bottom half of a 3DS XL.”

The leaker refuses to reveal where he works as he does not want to “risk losing [his] job.” He also says he is not going to post pictures of the NX for the same reason. However, at some point, he provided a sketch of the “real gamepad” when asked by one commenter.

About the battery life of the controller, he does not know anything about the battery life as their controller is wired into the system.

Given that the rumor mill about the controller is churning at a full speed, it is assumed that the Nintendo NX announcement could just be around the corner. The controller is believed to be rolled out early next year.

Well, it is likely that the leaker could really be a real AAA developer who is currently working with the NX devkit. However, since details are light at the moment and since there is no official word from Nintendo yet (and of course it will stay mum about this rumored console until its launching date), it is safer to treat this latest leak with a requisite grain of salt.

What’s certain right now, though, is that it is clearly that quite a few gamers across the globe are highly interested in the Nintendo NX. It appears that they are hungry for more info about this upcoming new thing from Nintendo, considering, for instance, their comments on the leaker’s Reddit post.

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