More Images Of Nintendo's NX Controller May Have Just Leaked


A new Nintendo NX rumor seems to hit the Web every other day, and that's just the start of Nintendo's problems. In addition to rumored info about the game company's next console leaking online, images of what appear to be the NX's controller have also appeared online ... multiple times.

The first incident happened just a few days ago, when images of a controller that matched up fairly closely with leaked Nintendo patent images hit the Web. Now, another batch of possible NX controller images have appeared online, along with some new "details" about the controller's functionality.

Reddit user perkele37 uploaded the images alongside a bullet list of features.

• Only the upper "nubs" of the sticks move. The bottom part is static (kind of like the circle pad, but it moves along the bottom "sphere").
• The rollers on the top feel and look pretty much identical to a mouse scroll-wheel. Though I do [sic] don't believe this will be the final design.
• Haptic feedback is [sic] feels like Apples [sic] "taptic" engine. Not like regular rumble.
• 3.5 mm headphone jack on the bottom

Some of the details, such as haptic feedback, match up with previously-leaked NX rumors. However, the controller in question does look different from the possible NX controller images that hit the Web late last week. Those images showed a white controller, while this one is black. Like the previous controller images, this new look at what may (or may not) be the NX controller doesn't appear to show any traditional buttons like players might expect from a game controller. Instead, it simply has two analog sticks on top of what appears to be a screen covering the entire surface of the controller.

Fans have questioned perkele37 on Reddit for more details, but so far, the user hasn't felt inclined to respond. Nintendo has yet to make any official announcements about the NX, other than that it will be revealing more information about its new console this summer. It has long been rumored that the system would combine a traditional console with a handheld gaming device. If these controller images are legitimate, the handheld part of those rumors certainly look to be true.

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