Apple has released a minor update that addresses issues with FaceTime calls and brings an improved interface for the iTunes U and iBooks. The iOS 7.0.4 rolled out Thursday for users of iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch.

The update is just 66.2MB but will require 1.2GB of free space to install on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S. Owners of second to fourth generation iPads, iPad mini, Retina iPad mini, and iPad Air can also install the said software update. Users with the iPod touch fifth generation can get it as well.

"Bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail for some users. Available via iTunes and wirelessly," the Apple support page described.

The looks of the iTunes U and the iBooks were also tweaked as Apple designers further emphasized the aversion to skeumorphic design. Users will no longer see the bookshelf for iBooks and instead have whiter rows with simple shading. The iTunes U receives a color scheme treatment to blend with the rest of the elements.

The new update also enhances the iCloud Keychain and fixes issues with Spotlight. These services were not incorporated with the initial release of the iOS 7 in September.

The iCloud Keychain was rolled out with iOS 7.0.3 and the OS X Mavericks versions v10.9 or newer. The technology helps keep important usernames and passwords for websites, credit card information, as well as Wi-Fi network access information synced for all approved Apple devices.

The software update also gives user the access to Wikipedia and Google from the results of internal search engine of their Apple gadgets.

The iOS 7.0.4 is also packed with security updates to address App and In-App purchases.

"Impact: App and In-App purchases may be completed with insufficient authorization," the support page described.

"Description: A signed-in user may be able to complete a transaction without providing a password when prompted. This issue was addressed by additional enforcement of purchase authorization," it added.

The company also rolled out iOS 6.1.15 for iPod touch users with the fourth generation device having the same FaceTime problems. Apple TV owners also get version 6.0.2 of the software but it remains unclear what changes came with the update.

The update can be acquired using Software Update interface of the device or by plugging the Apple gadget to a computer and downloading the latest iOS version via iTunes.

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