Norman Reedus Confirms The Fate Of Daryl In 'The Walking Dead'


Warning: spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen season six, episode 15 of The Walking Dead.

It looks like what many Walking Dead fans are calling the new Glenn fakeout — when everyone's favorite pizza boy looked like he was chow for a mob of walkers after Nicholas' suicide and dumpster dive back in episode three — might not be a fakeout after all.

At the end of this season's penultimate episode, titled "East," Daryl Dixon was last seen with a gun pointed to the back of his head by none other than Dwight (you're surprised, really?).

In its own way, the situation mirrored the death of Denise (played by Nurse Jackie actress Merrit Wever), who was felled by Dwight with a crossbow in episode 14 — a bolt that was aimed at Daryl.

So, will Dwight's shot hit the target? Or will he misfire yet again? It seems that Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl on the show, says otherwise — which might mean that the Glenn-like cliffhanger isn't much of a cliffhanger after all.

"Exactly what you see happens, happens. It's not a trick. It's definitely Daryl getting shot. I won't tell you where he's getting shot. But you see [Dwight] pull the trigger, and that's Daryl's blood," Reedus confirmed in an interview with TVLine.

Austin Amelio, who plays Dwight, also had some words on the subject.

"He doesn't have an intention on killing him," Amelio told Tech Insider post-episode. "[Dwight]'s been through a rough patch and I think he wants to show that he means business, and he knows that by shooting him he gets his point across."

Then again — what if the shot isn't fatal? Gizmodo and myriad other sites have pointed out that it looks like the angle of Dwight's shot is aimed for Daryl's shoulder, not the back of his head, suggesting to viewers that the splatter of blood that preceded the episode blackout — as well as Dwight's last lines, ("Don't worry. You'll be all right") might put Daryl in peril for the season finale, but not kill him off altogether before it.

So, did he? Didn't he? I guess there's only one way to find out.

The sixth season finale of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday, April 3, 9 p.m. EDT.

Check out the trailer for "Last Day on Earth" in the video clip below.


Source: TVLine

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