Although virtual reality has finally actually become a reality, thanks to the public release of the Oculus Rift this week, virtual reality is still not something that is readily accessible to those who want to try it out. Thanks to the high costs associated with VR gaming, headsets and PCs capable of running VR are not cheap.

People interested in VR in Japan, though, will soon have a chance to try it out without needing any of their own VR equipment. Entertainment company Bandai Namco plans on opening up a virtual reality experience center in Tokyo where members of the public can come in and try out VR.

Bandai Namco's VR Zone, called Project I Can, serves two purposes: Not only does it give people a chance to try out virtual reality without spending a fortune on it, but it also gives the company a chance to get feedback on its games and VR simulations for future reference.

The company released a video to promote Project I Can, which shows several people immersing themselves in a variety of simulations (and some of their reactions are pretty funny).

Upon opening, the VR experience center will offer six total simulations and games:

Fear of Heights Show: Players must rescue a cat stranded on a thin wooden plank over 600 feet above the ground.

Ski Rodeo: This experience simulates skiing on snow-covered mountains.

Real Drive: Step inside a race car and take it for a circuit via VR.

Escape Ward Omega: Set in an abandoned hospital, this horror-based experience promises thrills and chills.

Train Meister: This experience lets players become a train conductor on a Yamanote Line train.

Argyle Shift: For those players who've ever wanted to pilot their own giant robot, this experience allows them to do that as they battle other mecha.

The VR Zone in Tokyo is only available to those who make appointments, which the company will begin taking on April 8. The VR experience will run from April 15 until mid-October, but Bandai Namco could potentially bring the VR Zone to amusement stores in the future if it proves successful.

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