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Nintendo Shuts Down Real-Life 'Mario Kart' In Japan

Nintendo won its lawsuit against the Japanese company that brought 'Mario Kart' to life in the streets of Tokyo. Fans of the racing franchise may have something else to look forward to, though, namely an attraction in Super Nintendo World.

Video Games September 28, 2018

First Tuna Sold In Tsukiji Fish Market New Year Auction Fetches Over $600,000

The New Year tuna auction on Jan. 5 at Japan’s Tsukiji market has fetched an astounding price of 74.2 million yen ($642,310). The winner of the bid was Tuna king, Kiyoshi Kimura, for the sixth consecutive year. He runs the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain of Japan.

Animals January 5, 2017

Startup To Create Man-Made Meteor Shower For 2020 Olympics

For some big events, a massive pyrotechnic display would do, but not Japan. A startup company wants to create a man-made meteor shower for the 2020 Olympics.

Space May 21, 2016

Bandai Namco Plans To Open A Virtual Reality Experience Center In Tokyo

Bandai Namco recently announced that it has plans to create a virtual reality experience center in Tokyo that will allow fans to try their hand at VR.

Geek March 29, 2016

‘Grand Theft Auto: 6’ In Early Stages Of Development: No More ‘GTA: Tokyo’ So Where Will It Be?

It has been rumored around gamers and gaming sites alike that a new ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is in the works. Rumors suggest too that the sixth installment of the franchise might take the game’s setting out of the U.S.

Video Games March 29, 2016

Tokyo Police Will Start Taking 3D Mugshots To Help Catch Criminals At All Angles

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department will start taking 3D mugshot of its suspects in custody and store them in a database to make arrests more quickly in the future.

FUTURE TECH January 25, 2016

This Washing Machine Of The Future Will Wash, Dry And Fold Your Clothes For You

Panasonic, Daiwa House and Seven Dreamers Laboratories demoed the Laundroid bot that will wash, dry and fold your clothes at CEATEC consumer electronic show in Tokyo.

Robotics October 8, 2015

The Eight Sports That Could Be Added To The 2020 Summer Olympics In Tokyo

Eight sports, including squash shown here, applied for inclusion Monday in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Some of the other sports include baseball/softball, bowling, karate and surfing.

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2015

Godzilla Is Now An Official Japanese Resident

Godzilla may have long considered Japan his favorite stomping ground, but now the radioactive dinosaur is an official Japanese resident.

Internet Culture June 2, 2015

Apple Watch Retail Shop Opens April 10 In Paris, Tokyo, And London

Apple will be opening dedicated Apple Watch shops in high-class areas in London, Paris and Tokyo. The shops will most likely carry the limited availability Apple Watch Edition, which will reach prices of up to $17,000.

Wearable Tech March 28, 2015

Lt. Col. Edward Saylor, One of Four Remaining Doolittle Raiders, Dies at 94

One of the last four surviving members of the storied Doolittle Raiders is no more. Rest in peace, Lt. Col. Edward Saylor.

Society January 31, 2015

Volcano in Japan violently erupts: 'Everything went dark' (Video)

The eruption of Mount Ontake in Japan has caused dozens of tourists to be stranded and many others injured on Sept. 27. This marked the first time in seven years that the volcano has released smoke and lava.

Animals September 29, 2014

KFC Japan is giving away fried chicken iPhone cases so you can camouflage your phone as a drumstick

KFC in Japan is giving away an iPhone case that will disguise your phone as a giant piece of fried-chicken. This will surely come in handy for somebody eventually, right?

Internet Culture September 26, 2014

Now McDonald's has a black cheeseburger in Japan

After news spread of the black "kuro" burger available at Japanese Burger Kings, it looks like McDonald's in Japan now has a black burger of its own.

Internet Culture September 26, 2014

YouTube stars set to become millionaires (thanks to Google)

YouTube has just announced that it will invest millions in its most popular content producers. The company will not only fund new content, it will also help 'creators' produce high-quality videos.

Internet September 20, 2014

New study reveals how people in different cities sleep, rest

A new data set released by activity tracker maker Jawbone suggests how people sleep in different cities across the world. People in Tokyo, Japan, experience least sleeping hours per day.

Life August 20, 2014

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