Hulu may just have produced a series that will have a cult following – no pun intended – even when only the first two episodes of "The Path" is released on March 30, with series creator Jessica Goldberg taking a more in-depth look at the things that influence a person: family, faith, ambition, self-awareness and lack thereof.

The series focuses on the people who are involved in a religious movement called "Meyerism" established by a former army psychiatrist aiming to lead people to lead a peaceful and spiritual life by climbing "The Ladder."

Meyersism shares many characteristics with Scientology but Goldberg explains that the similarities are a coincidence. "It's taken from lots of different existing faiths and our own story of fantasy of what you're looking for when you are in deep pain," she shares.

The series itself focuses on the influence of belief people and what happens when seeds of doubt have been planted in a person.

"The Path follows a family at the center of a controversial cult movement as they struggle with relationships, faith and power [...] and what it means to choose between the life we live and the life we want," the official synopsis explains.

The series follows Eddie (Aaron Paul) and Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) who are facing trouble with their marriage after Eddie comes home from what was supposed to be a spiritual retreat. It does not help that Cal, someone from Sarah's past and who is currently the stand-in leader while Dr. Stephen Meyer is in a coma, is up to something that is not particularly enlightening.

"Everything we know will collapse. I don't want to live for this moment, I want to live forever - in the garden that we are creating here, together," Cal says and that statement alone should set off the sirens in the viewers' minds.

But what is particularly interesting about "The Path" is that it is not simply a look into cult-ish movements or what goes on in such communities. It actually gives viewers a closer look at the different people involved in the movement and what motivates them to stay in it or remove themselves from it. It shows how not everyone is blinded by what the leader says-just take a look at how Meyerism's symbol is a version of the All-seeing eye — yet in the official poster — only Eddie actually has his eyes open.

Much of what "The Path" shows is symbolic but it does not immerse itself in too much symbolism that the plot is compromised.

"The Path" is available on Hulu beginning March 30.

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