Latest 'Quantum Break' Live Action Trailer Drops Before April 5 Game Release: Meet The Villains [Video]


Microsoft rolled out a new live-action video shedding light on the mischievous plans of the villains from the upcoming time-bending game, Quantum Break.

The video highlights a few of the narrative arch's elements, so if you're allergic to spoilers, you may want to skip watching the trailer embedded at the end of this article.

The video focuses on two of the negative characters who are in the service of the malevolent Monarch Solutions. Aidan Gillen, who also starred in Game of Thrones, plays Paul Serene, while Hatch is portrayed by Lance Reddick, whom you might recognize from Fringe.

It is not the first time Reddick and Gillen meet on set, because both actors appeared HBO's production, The Wire.

In the trailer we see the main protagonist, Jack Joyce, talking to Serene, as the latter reveals that "time is just one closed loop." Jack Joice is played by Shawn Ashmore, who also appeared in X-Men.

Quantum Break's cast features big names from the cinema industry, with a notable presence from actor Dominic Monaghan. As a reminder, he played Meriadoc Brandybuck in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and former rockstar Charlie Pace in HBO's Lost.

The Quantum Break video sequences will focus mainly on the adventures of the antagonists, while Microsoft's game puts the heroes in the limelight. Each of the video episodes will last about 22 minutes, making the full experience as long as a Disney movie. Gamers who are impatient or who want to play instead of indulging in video watching may skip them and head back into the game.

The title is scheduled for release on April 5, hitting both Xbox One and Windows 10. Just make sure to check out the recommended specs before ordering the game.

Microsoft and Remedy took a step forward toward accommodating streamer culture with the upcoming title. This means that those who enjoy streaming Quantum Break on Twitch or YouTube Gaming can get at it with zero worries when it comes to their content being flagged for copyrighted music.

In case you were wondering why there are so few videos featuring Quantum Break's gameplay: previous copyright infringement concerns could have something to do with that.

A number of users complained to Remedy and Microsoft that a number of songs from the end acts of Quantum Break caused their streaming videos to be removed from Twitch and YouTube after copyright flagging. Remedy fixed this by implementing a toggle in the options menu, which allows you to disable copyrighted music from the sequences where it is present.

You may easily locate the toggle in the Settings Menu, "Audio" section. Scroll down and find the toggle that permits the copyrighted music to be turned on or off. This provides a solution for gamers who livestream or post videos of the game, but want to maintain the immersive atmosphere without risking having their videos removed due to copyright infringement.

This is also a positive signal from Remedy, which acknowledges the increased importance of streamer culture for passionate players. There might be also some commercial goals, as a good word of mouth and a lot of positive feedback from the followers of big streams have the potential to boosts Quantum Break's sales.

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