Apple recently rolled out the iOS 9.3, and tests demonstrated that the latest operating system from the iPhone manufacturer ranks high in stability charts.

Figures show that in the short period since it officially launched, iOS 9.3 scored a meager 2.2 percent crash rate, virtually making it the most stable iOS in use. In comparison, the newest Android OS scored a 2.6 percent in crash rates.

Let's see how iOS 9.3 fares when pitted against older variants of the mobile operating system.

For the reported period, former iOS releases were significantly less stable, namely iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 9.2. One operating system that was almost as low on crashes as the iOS 9.3 was the iOS 9.1. The three problematic versions, however, went as high as 3.2 percent in the crash prone barometer crafted by Apteligent.

A Web link bug seems to affect Apple's mobile operating systems since the 9.0.2 update, and recent research shows that the issue can be traced to and apps that are affiliated with it. Apple took note of the problem and promised to provide a fix as soon as possible.

This is good news for Apple users who were lucky enough to escape the Activation Lock nuisance. However, quite a significant number of iPhone owners complained that the update to iOS 9.3 caused their (admittedly) older devices to brick when reaching that phase of the update process.

The company addressed the issue by offering new builds for those affected, but for some the only viable solution was a full-factory restore via iTunes.

However, there are at least two great reasons to take the (small) leap of faith and upgrade to the latest iOS.

Those passionate about the security of their own notes have a strong incentive to update to iOS 9.3. The latest Apple mobile operating system allows users to password-protect the screenplays, poems or grocery lists on their devices.

Users who found their home screen cluttered with Apple's default apps can now act on that, as well. With the iOS 9.3 update, iPhone users are able to get rid of those apps they never intend to use. There are 32 native apps on iPhones, but simply follow these steps in order to safely and securely remove apps that you know are redundant to your consumer needs.

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