Samsung Steps Up IoT Game With Internet Of Trousers: Get Smarts On The Wi-Fly


Samsung is no stranger to Internet of Things products, but the company now threads on completely new ground with the latest Internet of Trousers.

The new lineup of smart wearable IoT-enabled fashion products starts from a simple yet complex premise: what would happen if most of your objects, including clothes, were connected to the Internet?

The collection of wearables includes (or rather centers itself on) pants that are packed with innovative functions. Not only is the design contemporary and suitable for most business and leisure attires, but the capabilities that are embedded in them also make them worth your attention.

Samsung took the first steps into integrating fashion and high tech by embedding the new garments with ARTIK Smarter Fashion chip modules. These are able to send and receive data from the Smarter Fabric Care app, leading to new and exciting opportunities.

Here are the main functions of the Internet of Trousers:

Get Up! Alert:

The sedentary lifestyle is one of today's most notable health risks. Samsung takes care of that by making use of pressure sensors that monitor the long hours that you spend sitting. When the smart pants feel you've been hunching over your computer for too long, they notify you to get up. Should you sit for more than three hours straight, expect to feel mild electrical shocks for an extra jolt of motivation.


The embarrassing days when you could exit the restroom without zipping up are gone, thanks to this neat feature. If your fly stays open for more than three minutes, the ZipARTIK module will keep pelleting you with smartphone notifications until you take care of the issue.

Keep-Your-Pants-On Mode:

We've all been there. It's late, the bar is nearly closing, and the number of attractive strangers drops by the minute. Samsung loaded the smart pants with a Bio-Processor that checks your bio-data, meaning that your heart rate and perspiration level are on close scrutiny. Should the pants detect that you are in the "danger zone" of taking rash and impulsive decisions, you will get a hailstorm of notifications reminding you that tomorrow is another day and that beer goggles are called like that for a reason.

Fridge Lock: 

So, you got home from the club and are all alone. Samsung's smart pants will make sure you don't overeat to fight off the feeling of loneliness. Thanks to the embedded ARTIK chip module, your refrigerator will lock away when your waist stretches beyond a certain limit.

The OEM mentions that it takes all liberty to modify "all functionality, features, specifications and other product information" about its Internet of Trousers.

As it is April Fools' for everyone, we can't blame them.

However, other names from the tech industry are approaching this thread in a realistic manner.

Last year, Google and Levi's Project Jacquard teamed up to provide the world with interactive clothes, a smart line of garments that sport conductive yarns and sensors discreetly embedded into buttons and seams.

The smart clothes would be capable of interacting with mobile devices. The prototypes are showing promise, both for the upcoming smart clothing sector and the industrial applications of shrinking down sensors and components.

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