Snapchat is back at it again, bringing us yet again another new filter that will have our sides splitting from laughing. In celebration of April Fool's Day, the disappearing message app is allowing its users to embody one of the greatest pranksters in pop culture: the Joker.

We have seen some entertaining filters in the past, but users won't be able to stop smiling once they start playing around with Snapchat's new Suicide Squad filter.

Once the user brings up the geolens options, they will notice the first icon features a black skull and the Joker's signature green hair and bright red smile. The filter immediately transforms you into Batman's most notorious foe himself, complete with a chalk-white face, black smudged eye makeup and red lips. To further make this the Suicide Squad's Joker, the user will even have the "damaged" tattoo, like Jared Leto has, across their forehead. The only things we are missing are those rotten silver teeth.

We aren't given the green hair, but lime green and blue smoke is seen floating upwards with splashes of pink on the screen. Complete with a "ha ha" laugh track, the user is prompted to open their mouth to have balloons that feature the Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot fly onto the screen, which are then are quickly popped. Pink "Ha's" then cover the screen, so that the user can laugh as hard as the Joker.

The funny thing is that Warner Bros. is reportedly investing some serious cash to reshoot some of Suicide Squad to make it less gloomy and feature more fun character moments. Moviegoers can expect it to be a bit lighter than Batman v Superman when the film hits theaters on August 5.

Speaking of Batman v Superman, the Joker isn't the first DC Comic character to have his own Snapchat filter. Snapchat previously let users put on the batsuit to become the Dark Knight. This filter really stepped it up as far as effects go, being slightly better than the Superman one that released the following day, and 10 times better than the lens Woman Woman got the day after that.

Jared Leto had previously teased his look as the Joker on Snapchat back in the early stages of filming. Now, we can all become mad with laughter on the platform, too.

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