IO Interactive and Square Enix have announced the release date for the next Hitman episode to hit the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PCs. April 26 is the much-awaited date for the Hitman fans as the game now comes with bigger challenges with Agent 47 planted in Sapienza, a fictional coastal Italian city.

This action-adventure stealth video game shot to fame, with the player assuming the role of a bald assassin, Agent 47, and crossing a series of levels through varied options which covered some exotic Parisian locations. The game was mostly praised for its amazing graphics and the created environments.

The makers, while not disclosing anything major, promises the Sapienza journey to be nothing like the Paris episode. Although fictional, Sapienza is based on a real town located on the southern coast of Italy. With this release, Hitman 2 will somewhat close the episodic narrative gap that came with the end of Hitman: Absolution. Now the gamers face greater hurdles and uncover some challenging stories along the way. Apparently, IO Interactive is said to have taken note of all the feedback provided by the gaming community and incorporated the same in terms of difficulty level.

The teaser launched by the makers, project a single image showing a beach setting, which does nothing to give away any exciting leads. However, the latest patch is now available which can be installed by the gamers on their Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. This will allow faster loading, connectivity, and possibly improved performances. IO Interactive has also rolled out the new Vampire Magician Challenge Pack, which comes for free and includes "10 new challenges that were inspired by how our community have been playing the game." The new challenges will take the gamers through scenes from Hitman's first episode, all the while wearing the new Vampire Magician disguise.

IO Interactive is planning to release seven chapters by this year, with the Starter Pack priced at $14.99 which houses the Prologue and Paris episodes. The full pack worth $59.99 allows access to all the new episodes right on the release date. The game can also be downloaded on a digital mode.

Photo: Glenn Davidson | Flickr

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