Shootlr Is The New Social Media App That Has Your Friends Taking Seflies For You


You love taking selfies, but sometimes, you can't nail the perfect angle, face pose or lighting and wish you had a friend there to be able to snap one for you.

Instead of waiting for your bestie to arrive to help capture a selfie worth sharing, there is a new app available for iOS and Android that lets your friends take the photo for you directly from their own smartphone.

Shootlr is the social media app that has the potential to change the way we share our selfies. Think of it as Snapchat without all the filters, but instead of snapping a photo of yourself, your friend does that for you and vice-versa. It allows the user to see what their friends are doing at that exact moment without having to wait around to get the scoop.

"Your friends are at a party, but forget to send a picture. Waiting for that picture is annoying, don't you think?" the app's founder Onno Spek asks in a statement. "With this app you, don't have to wait for someone to send something. You can just take the picture yourself with the phone of your friends. Whenever and wherever. A new way to follow!"

At least you will never suffer from FOMO again.

After downloading the app, the user is asked to register with their name and number. Shootlr then invites you to send a request to your friends to have them join the platform, too. The user can send a photo request to specific users, and they will get a picture notification on their smartphone. When that friend opens the app, a three-second timer will appear and then the app snaps a selfie that is shared with you.

Shootlr users can choose to take a selfie, use the back camera or both in their requests, as well as select a time to shoot the photo. You will then be able to comment and reply on the picture with your friend.

If it's not a good time, or you are not feeling like you look your best, you can always decline a shoot request.

We do have apps like Instagram that exist for the narcissistic users who want to share with the world how good they look today, but this brings your ego and selfie game to a whole new level if you have people asking you for them.

Shootlr is now available to download for free for iOS and Android.

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