Selfie Lovers, Celebrate! ROAM-e Is A Flying Selfie Stick That You Can Buy Now


Smartphone users can now take selfies wherever they are without worrying about their phones falling off a selfie stick's end.

The next generation of selfie sticks has been ushered in by the IoT Group's, ROAM division, which focuses on "utilizing industry-specific innovation in mobility computing" to produce innovations in home and mobile technology.

ROAM Connected's latest tech gadget does not require users to hold a stick in front of them and instead lets itself fly around them while tethered to their mobile devices. Called the ROAM-e, the company dreams of a future where people will exchange the word "selfie" with "ROAM-e." 

The ROAM-e uses a "facial recognition technology" that enables it to follow its user around, a full 360 degrees without getting lost. Its flight time is approximated at around 20 minutes and flies within 25 meters, or 27 yards, away from its owners to ensure safety and at the same visual presence. Its facial technology allows users to work with the device with nothing more than just their face, sans any additional GPS tracking equipment on their body. Battery charging time is capped at two hours.

The device also has a "Follow Me" mode that makes it fly around its user within a 3-meter or a 3.2-yard range. The ROAM-e houses a 5-megapixel CMOS Sensor and has live streaming capabilities. Videos captured can be viewed in real-time on a user's smartphone as they find the perfect angle and shot for their selfies. The device's flight flexibility allows for perfect panoramic shots as well or huge group selfies that a stick wouldn't otherwise be capable of doing.

The ROAM-e has "the world's first dual-axis collapsible blades" that it employs to hover around its user. These blades are collapsible and the device measures at around 75 millimeters, or 3 inches, wide and isn't bigger than a 600-milliliter or 20-ounce water bottle. The ROAM-e is frameless as well, making it easier to carry around. Ian Duffel, executive director of the IoT Group, explains that the idea was to make it easily fit inside a user's bag.

ROAM-e is now available through IoT's site and it's dedicated Flying Selfies page for about $349. Other competitors in the industry include the Lily drone and Nixie quadcopter.

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