Google has made its intentions clear. The company is set to reach out to as many people as possible and bring everyone on this planet within its folds. In this regard, besides releasing the Moto G - a smartphone with a very aggressive pricing - recently, it has also announced an extension to the Play Store called Google Play For Education, a store that will only contain educational apps and related content.

Google Play for Education is going to make it easier for teachers to search and download apps, videos and other related stuff. The feature includes bulk purchasing of apps and books and distributing it to students' tablets wirelessly.

Presently the Google Play for Education store is bundled with the Google Nexus 7 tablets, which are priced at $229. However, to include the management features on the tablets, it will cost $30 extra. It is expected that in months to come, Google Play for Education will also come bundled with Asus Transformer Pad, and HP Slate 8 Pro, that will pit them against Apple's iPad and iTunes U, which is geared towards both educators and students.

Google is closely curating the apps in Google Play for Education store, by asking developers to submit their apps, which will be checked for credibility, authenticity and relevance before the search engine giant includes it in the store.

Apps can be discovered through "approved by teachers for teachers," section in the Google Play for Education. Either way, teachers can search for the approved apps by grade, subject, and price. The feature also has the ability to filter apps based on Common Core standards.

Google Play for Education has been tightly integrated with Google Apps for Education, which means students will be able to use the device right after logging in instead going through the entire set up process.

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