Starz Launches Standalone Streaming Service For $8.99 Per Month


If you've been thinking about cutting the cord on your cable subscription but haven't done so because you won't be able to last without watching movies and original series on Starz, it's time to finally pull the plug. That's because the premium cable network just launched a standalone streaming service that will cost only $8.99 per month.

The streaming service, also called Starz, is now available starting today online and via an app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Android smartphones and tablets.

Those who sign up for the monthly subscription will be able to stream on four different devices at the same time, as well as download shows to watch at a later time. This includes movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will be available later this year, and original series like Black Sails and Outlander, which are part of the more than 2,400 titles available each month.

As an incentive to get people to join the platform, Starz is allowing its streaming app subscribers the opportunity to watch the season two premiere of Outlander on April 7, two days before it airs on TV.

Even those who want to keep their cable subscription will be able to use the Starz app to view programming provided by the network as well.

Starz previously released a streaming service add-on for Amazon users in December that allows Prime Video users to access movies and its original TV series for an additional $8.99 a month.

The subscription-based streaming service joins the other options already available from other premium cable networks like HBO and Showtime. HBO's standalone streaming service, HBO GO, allows subscribers to stream content without a long-term contract to the network for $14.99. Showtime's streaming service costs just $10.99.

While this makes Starz the cheapest option out of the three, customers will still pay $15 a month to be able to watch their favorite series, like Game of Thrones. Of course, this is significantly less expensive than paying a monthly cable bill with all the premium movie channels.

The Starz streaming service is available to download now in the app stores.

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