Let's hope that gamers who rushed out to stores to buy MLB The Show 16 last week don't have an at-the-plate meltdown over this.

The action-packed title's community manager, Ramone Russell, took to his Twitter account Monday to reveal that gamers will have to be patient for a little while longer until getting their hands on the game's first roster update.

And that's just the beginning of the issues that the developers behind the title are facing just a week into its release, as Russell also rolled out a laundry list of other bugs that they're in the process of fixing.

Time is of the essence, as the 2016 Major League Baseball started playing ball since this past Sunday night, when the defending champion Kansas City Royals faced the New York Mets in a rematch of the World Series last fall. While gamers were hoping to launch their Road to the Shows and Franchises in MLB The Show 16, they'll have to settle for the rosters that shipped with the game last Tuesday until the roster update is ready to impact.

For gamers who didn't immediately spring to purchase the title last week, here's the good news. You can now just wait until the 11th or 18th until the first roster update is made to get MLB The Show 16 at full strength. The roster update will reflect the influx of rookies in addition to new players awaiting approval.

As DesignTrend.com points out, though, remember that a player can't be inserted into the game until he logs his first official MLB regular season game. Between what's left of this week and the following two Mondays, there are bound to be rookies and new players alike who will do just that, making the first official roster update that much more significant.

After all, you don't want to be without a potential stud slugger or ace pitcher in the making, do you?

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