If there is one game type sorely missing from Halo 5's current multiplayer offerings, it's without a doubt Infection.

The beloved zombie game type began as an unofficial game type in Halo 2 before being officially adopted by Bungie and 343 Industries in later entries of the franchise. Now it looks like those who have been anxiously awaiting news of Infection for Halo 5 won't have to wait long.

343 Industries dropped the teaser below during a Twitch livestream detailing Halo 5's latest free multiplayer update, Ghosts of Meridian. It's not much, but it does give players an idea of what to expect.

Looks like infected players will be clearly identifiable by their green color, as well as their glowing green swords. Players will also sport the iconic skull-etched helmet of Emile from Halo: Reach if the teaser is to be believed (or perhaps the helmet is being added as a REQ?). It's similar to how older Halo games displayed infected players, though it is a step back from Halo 4. In that game, 343 Industries went all out and created full-on Flood character models for zombie players, adding a whole new level to the already intense Infection experience.

Halo 5's version doesn't look to be quite as impressive, but fans will welcome it all the same. No word yet on when exactly the mode will launch, but May seems like a solid bet considering the developer's trend of monthly updates.

Infection will just be the latest game type added to the game. Popular modes like Grifball, Big Team Battle and Forge were added for free in the months following Halo 5's October launch, alongside new maps for players to battle on in addition to new REQs for players to collect. No doubt the Infection update will do the same, as the map featured in the Infection teaser looks to be brand-new as well.

Halo 5's Ghosts of Meridian update includes new Arena and Warzone maps, as well as new items for players to earn with their REQ points. You can read more about the update here.

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