Microsoft continues to add more games to the growing list of Xbox 360 titles that can be played on Xbox One, with three more titles joining the list.

Among them is one long-requested fan favorite in the form of Halo Wars. The Halo-themed real-time strategy game from the Creative Assembly has long been one of the most asked for backwards compatible titles, so it's no surprise to see it finally added to the list.

The game put a new spin on the Halo universe, taking place before Master Chief's first encounter with the Halo rings and drawing inspiration from how Halo was originally created as an RTS by developer Bungie before later turning into the beloved shooter franchise fans know and love today.

Combined with the fact that Halo Wars 2 is still slated for a holiday 2016 release, it makes even more sense for Microsoft to prioritize making the first game playable on Xbox One. Microsoft has recently been bundling older backwards compatible games with preorders for new Xbox One games (like Alan Wake coming with Quantum Break, for example), so perhaps Microsoft will do the same when Halo Wars 2 rolls around.

Joining Halo Wars are two fighting games in the form of King of Fighters '98 and the critically-acclaimed Soul Calibur II. Both titles are downloadble-only games, so players who purchased them on the Xbox 360 digital storefront should now find the games added to their "ready to install" game list on Xbox One.

Soul Calibur II is often regarded as the best entry in the long-running fighting game franchise. It originally released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube before seeing an HD re-release for Xbox 360, with the Xbox version featuring a guest character in the form of Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Unlike the 3D-fighter series Soul Calibur, King of Fighters '98 is a 2D fighting game in the same vein of Street Fighter.

You can check out the full list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games for Xbox One over on the blog of Microsoft spokesperson Major Nelson. Other recent additions to the list include Alan Wake, the original Pac-Man and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Two of the most requested games for backwards compatibility, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Red Dead Redemption, have yet to join the list.

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