You have probably been frustrated with your iPhone when you try to download that new app everyone is talking about, only to be told, "there is not enough available storage." What's even worse is when you are trying to take a photo or video and can't because that message comes up.

If you have a 16 GB iPhone, you know this struggle all too well.

However, you don't need to start deciding which apps or photos must go from your phone in order to free up some much-needed space. There is an iPhone hack that will be able to give more storage without you deleting anything from the device.

The hack was first reported by Reddit user eavesdroppingyou, who knows the storage pains all too well. In order to trick the iPhone into thinking it has more storage, the user must act like they are renting a movie. The key is to make sure the movie has a bigger file size than what's available so you don't accidentally pay to start streaming it.

Here's how to get more storage without deleting photos, videos or apps:

Check Your Settings

You will first need to know how much available storage is on the iPhone. Do this by going to Settings > General > About. Scroll down to "Available" to see how many GBs you have left.

Fake Renting A Movie

Now, it's time to play our iPhone by tricking it into thinking you want to download a movie. Don't worry, you aren't really purchasing the title. Go to the iTunes Store and find a movie with a bigger file size than you have left on your device.  A good tip is to search for titles with extended editions, like Lord of the Rings, or movies like Cleopatra or Apocalypse Now Redux.

When you try to rent the movie, you will get the message that reads there is not enough storage to be able to download this title, along with the option to tap on "OK" or "Settings."

Get Back To Settings

Tap on "Settings" in the message, where you will be taken back to where you first started. However, now, you will see that the amount of storage has actually increased. Repeat this a few times to maximize the amount of free storage.

Here's how the hack works:

This might sound like some strange iPhone magic, but there is actually a reasonable explanation to how this hack works. eavesdroppingyou's best guess is that the device deletes "useless data from different apps" in order to make more room for the movie.

Some users may even see that the iTunes Store features an icon that says "cleaning" after trying this hack. This further suggests that the iPhone is cleaning the cache from the installed apps.

At least now, you won't have to worry about cleaning out our iPhone in order to get more storage.

Source: Reddit

Photo: Eduardo Woo | Flickr

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