Ubisoft is now swinging its ban hammer. Alongside the rolling out of the upcoming, newest patch, Ubisoft will commence permanently banning so-called cheaters in The Division on PC.

There is no denying cheating is among the problems in most online games, including, of course, in The Division.

During the most recent State of the Game broadcast, via Twitch, the game's developer has acknowledged this particular problem, particularly on the PC version.

The developer promised that an amped up system is set to arrive in a bid to efficiently detect such unpleasant behavior.

The game will soon pack in a new feature, allowing gamers to report people who are cheating from within this game.

With regard to the offenses to these cheaters, Ubisoft said that they will be given a three-day suspension for the first offense, without giving them a warning. In the second offense, the account will then be permanently banned in the game.

"If you're cheating, you know what you're doing," said Yannick Banchereau of Ubisoft, via PC Gamer.

Banchereau likewise expressed gratitude to gamers who are actively reporting cheating incidences. However, he also said the developer has server-side tracking to automatically uncover such untoward activities.

"We are not going to pretend that we are 100 percent happy with the situation," he said, adding that this is something the developer is presently focusing its attention on.

He went on to say that Ubisoft has caught quite a few players doing this improper behavior. However, he said this is something that the company should continue improving on.

How To Report The Division Cheaters

When the newest update goes live, one enhancement players should expect is the capacity to report cheating in the game's PC version.

By means of "/report [username]" command, the account in question will then be flagged so Ubisoft will manually scrutinize it.

This manual verification is aimed to veer away from phony reports.

"[W]hen you're reporting cheaters and then you see us not taking action against the guy, it could be because the guy was actually not cheating," he added.

This new functionality will be incorporated in the game as soon as the update 1.1 is pushed out this coming April 12. This forthcoming update is aimed to fix a major game-breaking bug.

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